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Kvncrne. 09-11-2015 02:02 PM

Hey everybody....I'm new to the forum, I'm from Pensacola, but I live in Denver now.

I am hoping to get some help finding video highlights. Currently I am working on a cool video that has ALL 68 touchdowns scored by Colston from Brees, starting with the very first one at Cleveland in 2006 and ending with #68 vs Tampa Bay in 2014, of course I am going to update it after this season as well.

I have been digging like crazy to find all the touchdowns, and I currently have 61 out of the 68. I am looking for help finding the following touchdowns:

2006-10-01 week 4 @Carolina; 86 yard TD in the 4th
2006-10-29 week 8 vs. Baltimore; 2 TD's, both in the 4th quarter
2006-11-05 week 9 @ Tampa Bay; 15 yard TD, 1st quarter (first score of game)
2008-12-21 week 16 @Lions; 2 TD's both in 3rd quarter (back to back)
2008-12-28 week 17 vs Carolina; 26 yard TD in 2nd quarter

If ANYBODY can guide me in the right direction to find those videos, I will be forever grateful. The video pays great respect to Marques and Drew, and will be quite enjoyable when finished.

I attached a link to a video I made last year with my new program, just so you guys know that I am legit!

Thank you anybody and everybody. WHO DAT

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