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Have you given up yet?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by hagan714 Like jnormand I have seen it all from day 1 at Tulane stadium. I am here and always will here as a saints fan. Most of us old timers did not drink the koolaid and look ...

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Re: Have you given up yet?

Originally Posted by hagan714 View Post
Like jnormand I have seen it all from day 1 at Tulane stadium. I am here and always will here as a saints fan. Most of us old timers did not drink the koolaid and look at a team like this as a starting place for what will come.

Is there a foundation to build on? I have seen worse so there is a plus. Now the hard question.

How long will it take? Can not take as long as it did before just to become a winner. Or will it? fan in me says nahhhh

Lessons learned? Mickie magic pencil can only do so much year in and year out.

Quick look at our team
Average age 26.15 not bad ranks us 17th in the NFL.
Rams are the youngest team at 24.98. How did they do it? The draft. The cap will catch up to them just like the sea hawks.

Now here is the real issue at hand
2015 New Orleans Saints ranked 32 in the cap
Cap money used? $145,092,430
Cap space left $56,406

Dead money? $30,784,986

There in lies the issue at hand. that is a lot of talent we can not field for whatever issue.

When do we honestly have a shot of getting out from under this mess?

2016 cap money spent? $151,699,720
oppsss over by $-1,699,720 not bad we have seen worse. A silver lining?
Dead cap? $14,893,097 getting better but still #1 in the NFL. Then again anything looks better from the bottom up.

2017 cap money spent? $87,684,281

Now this is the gold age of the cap for the saints. Or is it

Drew Brees QB 36 $27,400,000 UFA
Max Unger C 29$6,000,000 UFA
Marques Colston WR 32 $5,900,000 UFA
David Hawthorne ILB 30 $4,510,000 UFA
Kenny Vaccaro SS 24 $2,998,772 UFA
Ramon Humber
Out of those six, likely just Unger and KVac will remain with the team. So yeah, cap will be better. But we'll need to nail our drafts in the next couple of years.

I guess Saints management has not learned from the school of New England Patriots, the very organization they touted as trying to model after.
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Re: Have you given up yet?

If you are old enough to remember the paper bags, then you are also presumably old enough to remember the massive scandal of widespread cocaine use among Saints players on those teams, such as George Rodgers, Chuck Muncie, Don Reese, Mike Strachan, and a host of others. And you are probably also old enough to remember the days of Kenny Stabler rolling into the Dome, still hungover from being out drinking the night before.

This team is very similar to those Saints teams. This roster is full of guys passed out drunk behind the wheel, guys getting in fights on the beach, guys with discipline or motivation problems, and they just recently had an incident with as many as ten Saints players in a club, at 4 AM. That's 20% of the roster. Now I'm sorry to be the Debbie Downer that breaks the news to people, but nobody ever won a football championship, in a club at 4 AM. You party AFTER the season, or AFTER you win the game -- not before.

To me the results on the field DO look like a team that was out in the club until 4 AM. They seem slow, gassed, uncoordinated, unfocused, like their energy level is off. They are getting manhandled and blown away, by superior athletes and better coaching. And like those horrible Saints teams of the paper bag era, what you see on the field is inexplicably bad, it doesn't add up, and the coaches are hapless and don't have control over the players...

Now I don't know any first hand inside information about this, of course...But I'll put it this way -- the way this team looks, would you be at all surprised this season, if we wake up one morning to find news that one or multiple Saints players on this team, have been busted by either the cops or the league, for violating the league's substance abuse policy....would YOU really be surprised, if that news came out tomorrow, that a lot of these guys (not Drew) were smoking weed or popping pills?

I'm not giving up, but that's what they look like to me, on the field. Too much partying. Something is off with this team, mentally and/or physically. Something is definitely not right.
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Re: Have you given up yet?

My take is that this team does not have much fire or discipline. Someone mentioned aa while back that Sean changed after the bountygate crap and it seems to be true. I wonder if the players performance is proof of that? They sure don't seem motivated to want to play for him. A lot of these teams with new coaches may not all be good,but if you watch them play,they seem to be driven and play hard.The whole defensive coaching staff and our O line coach needs to go but nothing will change and that's my biggest problem with Sean. I agree with the moves they made with players,but yet we seem to have the same problem. There's only one other place to point fingers at but it continues to be ignored.
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Re: Have you given up yet?

Heck. I never give up. Saints are my team whether 0-2, 3-9, or 13-2.
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Re: Have you given up yet?

I wont give up on the team but on the season if we dont change this o line...Peat struggled in camp but we almost have no choice with Strief just leaving the door open for D lineman to run through
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Re: Have you given up yet?

Giving up is NOT an option.
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Re: Have you given up yet?

The team is flat, the fans are flat (at least in the Dome), and there is no cohesion to be to found.
Winning some games will change that hopefully, but it seems like most "fans" are just waiting for the other foot to drop, be it turn-over, defensive collapse, or whatever.

As far as giving up, No Way - No How, they can turn this thing around.
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Re: Have you given up yet?

This scene comes to mind.

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Re: Have you given up yet?

Originally Posted by DrewDat View Post
I wont give up on the team but on the season if we dont change this o line...Peat struggled in camp but we almost have no choice with Strief just leaving the door open for D lineman to run through
If Drew is injured and needs to sit for a game or two i say throw in the backup and let Peat get some reps.

Tim is a turnstile at guard so far. We have no one to replace him with anyways. All the backups are a huge drop off.

Sacrificing a back up QB for the sake of developing your #1 draft pick? Pretty dam cold huh?At least we have a third QB that needs some reps. on the bright side he is the fastest of the three.
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Re: Have you given up yet?

Look here boys, were going in to hell who's coming? WHO DAT!!!
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