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Who's responsible?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; There's a burning question that I wish I had the answer to. Who is running the show in New Orleans? Is it Tom Benson? Is it Mickey Loomis? Or is it Jim Haslett? I see a bunch of talent that ...

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Who's responsible?

There's a burning question that I wish I had the answer to.

Who is running the show in New Orleans?

Is it Tom Benson? Is it Mickey Loomis? Or is it Jim Haslett?

I see a bunch of talent that has come from the draft. Players like Darren Howard, Charles Grant, Will Smith, Donte' Stallworth, and Deuce McAllister. Even with the drafting of Jonathan Sullivan, we've done well in the draft. Hey, you can't hit on all of your draft choices. Sullivan was rated as the best DT in the draft. According to who you listen to...

But, the draft is where it ends for the Saints as far as picking up good solid football players.

When did signing top-tier players in free-agency NOT become an option for the Saints?

I know someone with-in the Saints organization can recognize talent. They saw it in Deuce, Charles Grant, Will Smith, Darren Howard, Donte' Stallworth, and Le Charles Bentley!!

Can they only recognize talent in the draft and not free-agency?

How do you explain having a desperate need for a middle linebacker and going out in free-agency and signing Orlando Ruff? Especially when you consider that there were proven linebackers out there who could have filled that void!!

Did Haslett not want someone like Taeko Spikes? Or was Benson not willing to spend the money? Or was Loomis counting beans?

Again ... Whose strategy is this? Is this Tom Benson? Is it Mickey Loomis? Is it Jim Haslett?

All game day coaching aside ... Who is responsible for us not competing in free-agency?

And who's responsible for Rick Venturi still being around? What does it take to be fired in New Orleans?

I don't know who is responsible of all of this. It could be Haslett, I suppose.

But, when I look at Tom Benson, I really have to wonder how committed to winning he is and I have to wonder if he is hand-cuffing Haslett when it comes to certain things.

Looking back at Benson's history with the Saints... Here's what he's done..

(taken from an article out of the Sun Herald)
For starters, there's Bill Kuharich. Benson made the glorified scout the team's de facto general manager, and Mora's "boss," after showing classy executive Jim Miller the door about 10 years ago.

Then there's Mike Ditka. (it was Duh Coach who gave up an entire draft for Rickey Williams)

Then there's Arnold Fielkow, a likable fellow who happens to run the business side of the Saints' operation. In other words, the guy who has Benson's ear. The guy who signs off on marketing decisions, Superdome/Tom Benson Stadium strategies and everything else that makes the Saints one of the clumsiest organizations in all of professional sports.

And now we have Mickey Loomis

And let's not forget the firing of Randy Meuller, who brought the Saints their only playoff win?

What are you doing Tom Benson?

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Who's responsible?

Benson...in a word....


If the State and He can\'t work out a deal right now...we will NOT ..I repeat...WE WILL NOT PURSUE TOP TIER PLAYERS...He is in lockdown financially...

He has been bottom feeding, trying to get \'\'Coaches\'\'...and we in turn..will be bottom feeding on the overall rankings...and we will continue to do so..until either....

1.. the Saints get thier new stadium deal..

2... the Saints are sold....to someone who gives a sh*t

The only reason we get good players in the Draft...is because we have to...but..they sign them to minimum contracts...and normally..don\'t restructure those who deserve it...a few excpetions aside...

Honestly..look at the level of talented players who have left here with no good reason...then..look at the scrapes we get..and they get resigned...??????.....

But..don\'t hold your breath waiting for the State...if it wasn\'t for Texas investors...the Saints would have been disbanded years ago..when the league wanted a team in Jacksonville...

The reason we stink...is noone will invest in the future of the team...with no long term goals...the short term are near impossible to achieve...

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Who's responsible?

As long as Benson is in charge we will not get top FAs because that eats up salary cap Benson would rather pocket that cash.

Benson is running the show. Mueller was fired for not getting approval from Benson prior to trading Ricky. Loomis is up Benson\'s butt and will not make a move without his approval.

Haslet does what he can thereafter.
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