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WhoDat 01-20-2003 10:59 AM

SuperPainful Bowl
Actually Gator, I have the opposite opinion. I\'m really glad the Bucs made it. Look back over the last ten or fifteen years. With the exception of the 49er and Cowboy dynasties, which I think we all agree are not likely to resurface in a league with as much parity via free agency as this league has, only the Denver Broncos went to back to back Super Bowls. In fact, in a good number of those years, the teams that made the Super Bowl in one year did not or barely made the playoffs the next year.

I hope the Bucs win convincingly. I hope they look unstoppable. Then maybe they\'ll have a year next year like the Rams did after their Super Bowl win. Them getting to the Super Bowl this year almost guarantees that they won\'t next year. They\'re finally getting the monkey off their backs, chip off their shoulders. Next year maybe they won\'t manage to win when it\'s below 40 degrees again. Maybe they won\'t manage to win on the road in the playoffs. Both things that they did for the first time this season. It was a season of firsts for them, next year won\'t be.

JOESAM2002 01-20-2003 11:23 AM

SuperPainful Bowl
I\'m pulling for the Bucs for a different reason. I think it makes the Saints look that much better because we did beat them twice. With the exception of the last few games,I hope it makes the boys in Black and Gold think about how close they were to going all the way and hopefully get them to try that much harder next year. With the addition of a few major players on defense, we can make it in the years to come.

SaintStoneyMount 01-20-2003 11:26 AM

SuperPainful Bowl
It pisses me off that the Saints are not going to the bowl because of what JoeSam just stated. We beat the Bucs twice but we couldn\'t take care of the Bengals. What is that?

JOESAM2002 01-20-2003 11:35 AM

SuperPainful Bowl
This is not the first time in my life I\'ve been accused of being crazy and I\'m realitivly sure it won\'t be the last. lol :D

WhoDat 01-20-2003 02:41 PM

SuperPainful Bowl
Gator, I could never pull for the Falcons. I still hate the 9ers and Rams, but my logic, however screwed up you think it is remains in place. If there was going to be a current day dynasty it would have been the Rams. They fell apart, so I doubt it is possible anymore... maybe in a freak occuence or two. GO BUCS! That way you have no chance next year!

WhoDat 01-20-2003 04:17 PM

SuperPainful Bowl
Regardless of how you define dynasty, teams have a tendancy to fall apart in the year or two after they go to a Super Bowl. That\'s good news for us either way.

pakowitz 01-21-2003 01:16 AM

SuperPainful Bowl
i have to agree with gator on this one, the bucs have had one of the best D\'s for the past 3-4 years and it looks as if they will continue to be that way, if they can keep their core players together :( this is a league of parity but it is hard to copy the bucs D they just have so much talent on that side of the ball and now gruden has gotten the O scoring points, it just looks bad

SycoSurfer 01-21-2003 05:27 PM

SuperPainful Bowl
I think we should pull for the Bucs only cause this could bring an EGO... That hated word. Ego\'s can destroy teams... for more reasons than 1. It might be hard because they have no 1st rd or 2nd RD draft pciks to waste cash on, but maybe... When their D players start to become FA they think they deserve more cause they led the team to a SB title. Look at the Ravens they won the SB with a killer D and 2 years later they barely have anyone from that D still on their team. Ray Lewis, Chris McCalister, Peter Boulware... everyone else is new... Im not positive, but pretty sure. The Bucs have a ton of big names on D and want to add players on O. OL, WR, and TE... so maybe they overlook the value on D and lose some key players. Lets look at the Bears great stars with Urlacher and Mike Brown, but no help from anyone else and that team is not that good. If the Bucs lose a good player here and there their D will start to fade away... I know its wishful thinking cause Gruden isnt a stupid coach, but worth a shot right? Go Bucs! (I still think the Raiders will win... but who really cares?)

JOESAM2002 01-21-2003 10:14 PM

SuperPainful Bowl
I guess I wasn\'t clear on the way I put that post. I was meaning to say that I hope that by beating the Bucs twicw it makes our players look at themselves harder. Get them to see if there was any part of their game that they could have done better in. As it looks to me they all had room for improvement.By knowing you beat the Super Bowl representative from our confrence twice it should make this team look harder at what they missed out on.

WhoDat 01-22-2003 12:42 PM

SuperPainful Bowl
Well I can\'t argue with that pic Gator, but I stay commited. The Bucs have played with a chip on their shoulder for so long - finally they\'ll get their title, and hopefully deflate. Look, if they win, then there\'s the chance that they think they\'re fat cats and aren\'t as prepared next year. If they lost, that chip just got bigger. Go Bucs baby!

One other thing - seeing a franchise that suched as long as they did make it this far gives me hope for our lowly Saints.

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