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another i cant hepp it thread

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Snip... Thus, I\'m a bit confused by the reaction of some when they say, you defend Brooks at all costs, when all the other was doing is pointing out this fact about blame distributions. I just don\'t think a lot ...

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another i cant hepp it thread


Thus, I\'m a bit confused by the reaction of some when they say, you defend Brooks at all costs, when all the other was doing is pointing out this fact about blame distributions.

I just don\'t think a lot of things are that obviously cut and dried.
Thanks for the great observations JKool.

I get frustrated in these discussions because it seems that much of the blame for the Saints\' problems falls to Brooks. And as you point out, that any attempt to spread that blame then labels you as a Brooks Lover making excuses for the guy.

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another i cant hepp it thread

Kool, I am all for blame/praise distribution, but simply put, the QB touches the ball more than anyone else. Thus it equates that he would get more blame AND his mistakes are magnified. But as you so often point out, it is all in how much blame you wanna assign to him, and how much others do. I think that is the only difference between all of us, how much blame we are assigning to Brooks. I rarely hear anyone say he is good. Very rarely. I only here potential and can be talented and noone better out there right now. While not a glowing endorsement, it is a reason for support. It\'s accepted. Thanks for the explanation.
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another i cant hepp it thread

since this epic thread was started from some other fans quotes just for entertainment, how about a few more. from a falcons board-

Brooks finally cracked this week when asked again about Delhomme, complaining that Delhomme never capitalized on his chances in New Orleans. He also described Delhomme as a good quarterback with a great cast, while Brooks said he was the opposite: A great quarterback with a good cast.

So after beating Delhomme and the Panthers, it seemed as if Brooks would finally be at peace.

He wasn\'t.

\"I really don\'t have much to say to none of y\'all,\" he said. \"I said after the game that I\'d be laughing at y\'all, the fake experts in the media. All y\'all been talking (expletive) on Aaron Brooks.\"

lol.. aaron brooks is an idiot.. did he see some of his passes this year? did he see the inconsistent play of him the past few years.. how many times did he throw backwards to no one this year? just plain horrible..

Brooks blows. . .

Saints got the evil cousin
we got the better end of the deal..

oh, goodness. bar the doors when they start talking in the third person.

sounds like leon, to me. haven\'t seen delhomme throw a backwards pass to his lineman yet. both of those guys are in the same league. solid, but not great, qb\'s

Brooks is too funny...he\'s about as money as a QB who might throw a backwards pass to his own lineman.

lol... you got that right, at least his passes are forward..

Saints fans have to hate having Brooks and Horn on their team. The \"Me First\" attitudes are killing that team. The Bad far outweighs the good with that pair!

The Saints, IMO, have a good bit of talent on their team. Too bad for them they can\'t get it all going at one time. Unfortunately they DID against us yesterday.
Brooks is definitely a \"Leon\". So\'s Horn.

But Horn can at least back it up



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another i cant hepp it thread

lions board with a suggestion of trading harrington for brooks-

Would Aaron Brooks be an acceptable trade for Joey if we did decide to deal him? Both QBs have worn out their welcome and can afford to start over. Anyway, would this be a good trade or no?

No and I will tell you why:

As crazy as this sounds, I wouldnt do it. Brooks is decent, but i have high hopes for Joey

I too really liked Brooks at the start of the year. I had him on my fantasy team (which, we all know makes me an expert on him..LOL) and then I really watched him and I saw that he\'s kinda a spurty QB. He doesn\'t play at a high level every game (like one time he threw for like 40 yards--low guess, but it was real bad) and he\'s pretty so/so as a passer--he REALLY gets help from Deuce and Horn. I would think if he\'s a FA and is looking to get out of NO...That would be great to get him in camp, but, to give up on Joe for him is like trading for the same. Joe is younger and still will have good years (even if they\'re not here) Brooks has only got three or four more seasons left before he becomes a back up. Just what I think.

this is the most ridiculous idea/post/comment/trade proposal ever. have you SEEN Brooks play? i would take Joey over him any day.

That one play where Brooks threw the ball about 20 yards backwards just sticks out in my mind. Plus he has had great talent around him and the Saints seem to find ways to not make the playoffs. So, no thanks.

Aaron Brooks would be perfect for those who want an \'exciting\' quarterback. You could watch for his fumbles, most of which occur at the most inconvenient times:
Aaron Brooks 72 games 55 fumbles 19 fumbles lost Fumbled in 76% of his games, lost 35% of his fumbles
Mike McMahon 20 games 11 fumbles 6 fumbles lost Fumbled in 55% of his games, lost 54% of his fumbles
Joey Harrington 46 games 14 fumbles 1 fumble lost Fumbled in 30% of his games, lost .07% of his fumbles
Aaron Brooks is a fumbler, pure and simple. The interesting thing is, if one is to believe the rumors, the Saints are considering picking Mike McMahon as his backup. They love fumblers.
(Stats from NFL.com - include all games, not just ones the player started.)
Sure, let\'s replace Joey with Brooks. Love the excitement of wondering just when the next one will happen.

I like the trade idea.

They both suck and it would be a meaningless trade for both teams. I dont think anyone wants harrington besides millen.

i can\'t believe a post with \"aaron brooks\" in the title has survived this long on a lions board.
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another i cant hepp it thread

general nfl board-
Ya know, you really have to give it to the Saints. They played inspired ball in week 17 and knocked the Carolina Panthers out of the playoffs. Unfortunately, 8-8 won’t cut it for Jim Haslett, and he’ll likely be shown the door. Aaron Brooks should buy him a going away present. It’s a shame Hallmark doesn’t make “I’m sorry I’m overrated and my soft game got you fired� cards. It’s probably for the better. I know that Haslett’s a defensive guy, but I’d love to see him end up as the Ravens’ new offensive coordinator. If you can make good money betting against him and Aaron Brooks, just think of the payoff when he teams up with Kyle Boller!

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another i cant hepp it thread

Whodi, tight.

LK, hilarious. It makes me glad that I\'m here at B&G! I wouldn\'t want to have to deal with some of those yahoos.

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another i cant hepp it thread

Let\'s break this thing down. First, I will try to list all of the reasons people are giving for wanting him replaced:

1) Have not made the playoffs in any of the 4 years that he has been the starter from the beginning.

2) Inconsistent...never know where the ball is going, or, never know which AB is going to show up

3) Turnovers at very inopportune times. Some fumbles unexplainable.

4) Egomaniac...his demeanor makes him unlikeable...Leon, or Smiley. Doesn\'t interview well, does not take responsiblity for mistakes, blames others.

5) Expensive, money could be used to solidify other areas of the team. The kind of money we are paying him does not seem to be justified by his level of play.

6) Lack of football smarts...doesn\'t read defenses well, poor at audibilizing, homes in on receivers, doesn\'t know the play-book well enough.

Now, here are the reasons given by the supporters as to why he should stay.

1) Talented

2) Not a suitable replacement on the roster

3) The replacement may do worse

4) Stats...will soon be all-time leader in passing yardage, if not already.

5) Don\'t want to go into a rebuilding mode.

There have been so many posts, I just want to try to sort everything out and see if I am understanding exactly what each sides main points are. If you disagree with any of these that I have listed, or want to add anything, feel free to do so. I really would like to come up with a final list for both sides that each side is satisfied with. Then we will at least be able to look at this thing with some perspective, without bouncing all over the place.

Now, for a little humor before I quit typing from one of my \"all time funniest posts\" files.

It was during the season of 2003, just a day or two before halloween, and there was a thread about what people were going to dress up like for halloween. One dude posted, \"I\'m going to be #2!!\" It was only moments later that another guy posted, \"You\'re going to be doo-doo?\" I\'m still laughing about that one, just thought I would share it.

Whether you think you can or think you can't...you're right!
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another i cant hepp it thread

LB, funny

Kelley. funnier, I guess there are more biased haters than on this board. I wonder what their reasons for \"hating\" Brooks are. Seems like they have a personal stake in what the Saints do with their QB, even though they support OTHER teams. I wonder......

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another i cant hepp it thread

sounds like leon, to me

Brooks is definitely a \"Leon\".
Hey, a bunch of dirty Falcons fans are stealing my words! Un-original jerks...

Get your head around this. WE DO NOT HATE BROOKS
Umm, sometimes I do ... but I\'ve only taken the \"Brooks Hater\" moniker because folks feel some strange need to classify each of us. I\'m not willing to fall prostrate and worship at AB\'s altar, ergo I must be a \"Hater.\"

As for the assertion that those of us in \"Camp C\" never admit there are other problems with the team - heck, even BIGGER ones - if you\'ve read any of the Brooks threads you know that simply isn\'t true. Good grief, how many times do we have to point out that we agree the defense is porous, we need help on the O-line, the coaching staff is stagnant, etc.???

Maybe that\'s the problem. Everyone seems to agree on most things EXCEPT Aaron Brooks and his job security. Therefore we fight, point out the same tired sides of the argument, degenerate to name-calling, and eventually reach the same impasse EVERY TIME.

But, those posts from other threads about AB are priceless and hilarious. Original, too. Good stuff...

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another i cant hepp it thread

Mutey a hater? Brilliant!!
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