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TayTay 02-18-2005 04:07 PM

Despite the coach's opinion, all saints fans know we need a corner back. And even though I am sure haslett will ignore this need again, I still pray for a solid pair of corners. So I have put together a few list as to how we might aquire a cornerback.
Free Agency
1. Charles Woodson
-He probably will not be franchised simply because Oakland doesn't like him. If he can avoid injuries, this twenty something year old is one of the top DB's in the leauge
2. Fred Smoot
-Smoot may never hit the open market, but if he does the saints better gun for him.
3. Gary Baxter
-I have only seen baxter play 3or4 times, but from what I've seen he is a stud two cornerback with the potential to be a 1

1. Antrel Rolle
-Simply a stud
2. Pac-man Jones
-a speedy corner who can also return punts in emergency situations
3. Brandon Browner
-Some may disagree with this placement, but I love his potential with sub-4.4 speed and 6 foot 4 frame. He may even fall to round two

saintswhodi 02-18-2005 04:24 PM

LB is a bigger need than CB, or even S or DT or T. We can;t afford Woodson or Smoot, and Baxter doesn\'t really wanna leave Baltimore. We may be able to afford Anthony Henry or Ken Lucas, which would be serviceable. However, if we haven\'t gotten anyone, and Carlos Rogers or Browner falls to the second, we have to take them.

TayTay 02-18-2005 04:51 PM

I agree that we need other positions more, however, we do need a solid corner. Other than Mackenzie we only have nickel or dime corners at best. At least the organization has attempted to improve the other positions. Haslett and his staff have spent top draft choices on DT, T, and linebacker and exept for Watson, nothing has worked. I say we try something new and go after a top corner. Don\'t get me wrong, we despretly need upgrades at nearly every defesive position, but unless Derrick Johnson is available to us in the draft, I say we spend our one pick on Rolle or Jones if possible. I wouldn\'t mind dishing out a little cash to get ONE playmaker on our weak D either.

chRxis 02-18-2005 04:55 PM

both rolle and jones will be gone by 16, and the saints don\'t look like their in the game of trading up in this draft.... i think lucas would be excellent here, but we won\'t go after him.... s and lb are our biggest needs, followed closely by dt and ot....

ScottyRo 02-18-2005 05:02 PM


the saints don\'t look like their in the game of trading up in this draft
Thank God. I was against it last time and I\'m against it now. A spot or two I could see if there\'s a valid threat of a team getting someone the staff covets, but otherwise I\'d prefer to wait.

TayTay 02-18-2005 05:15 PM

I agree that safty and LB are our biggest needs. However, I don\'t agree that we need an OT befor a corner. That would be the case if each team only started 1 CB, but evry NFL team starts 2. We only have 1 corner that should even be conidered for a starting spot. Other than Mike none of our corners should get off the bench b/c they flat out stink. Whether or not we need a corner shouldn\'t be the descusion. The talk should be about who we will get. For years the saints have settled on average guys b/c they were cheaper and look were it got us. If we want to make the playoffs and go somewhere in them, then we need to take a chance and sign some top notch players.

Saint78 02-18-2005 05:23 PM

Corey friggin Webster is who we can get in the 2nd round maybe. This is not local player worship (Scotty) the guy can play and if it was not for some injuries and Saban playing him both ways he would be a 1st round pick. The last time a guys stock dropped because of injuries his senior year and we drafted him it was Deuce and that seemed to work out pretty good. Plus Webster is smart and played in the SEC and most all top recievers that faced him will tell you just how good the guy is. Just a side bar but I was very disapointed last year when we didn\'t sign Randall Gay (Webster\'s back-up at LSU) and he turned out pretty darn good. Again this is not local player worship he is a real good cb and could be a steal.

mutineer10 02-19-2005 07:05 AM

CB\'s definately a need, but not the most vital. Of course we all love MM, but there were signs of improvement in the secondary in the last few weeks of the season.

Let\'s face the facts, Ambrose and Thomas just ain\'t gonna cut it anymore (it\'s debatable whether they EVER \"cut it\"). Ambrose is getting too slow and injury-prone, and at best could serve as an interim safety if we draft a new one to groom. Thomas is likewise slowing down and is simply too short to cover many of the WR\'s he faces, but he\'s still a big hitter.

On the upside, Craft is an excellent nickle back, but spotty tackling probably prevents him from carrying the load of full time duty. Fakhir Brown came on strong at the end of last season, and probably deserves a chance to compete for the starting job. He\'s got decent size (5\'11, 192 lbs.) and speed, and is young enough to be a worthy investment if given a shot.

Still, we should probably be looking at CB in round 2. Corey Webster or Carlos Rogers might fit nicely if they fall that far.

Tobias-Reiper 02-19-2005 08:16 AM


.. MM is solid, and I\'m all for giving Fahkir the start... but the Saints do need one more LB and a FS that can actually support the pass...

... I don\'t follow the draft that closely.. who are the LB\'s available?

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