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LKelley67 02-19-2005 10:56 AM

could he bit a fit? much gas left? key component of good miami D? good salary, asking for a 3rd usually means taking a 4th or 5th.

Cornerback Patrick Surtain isn't the only Dolphins defensive player on the trading block.
A source said Friday that the Dolphins are shopping defensive tackle Jeff Zgonina for a draft choice.
Zgonina started 14 games last season and led all Dolphins defensive linemen in tackles with 101. But Zgonina turns 35 in May and doesn't appear to fit into coach Nick Saban's defensive plans.
The source said the Dolphins were hoping to acquire a third-round draft for Zgonina, who has two years remaining on his contract at NFL minimum salaries of $765,000 in 2005 and $770,000 in 2006.

papz 02-19-2005 11:04 AM

Too old to be a full time player. He might come cheap, but in a deep draft giving up a third rounder wouldn\'t be smart. There will be lots of third rounders in any other year would be 2nd or 1st rounders.

Euphoria 02-19-2005 07:56 PM

Yeah to old... rather take a chance on a draft pick.

chRxis 02-19-2005 08:14 PM

as long as we can move sully off the team, pick up a run stuffing, space eating dt, we\'ll be ok... remember the days of la\'roi and norman hand? all they did was get double teamed, which allowed our lb\'s to freely roam the field, and react to what they read from the offense.... that\'s what we need to return to.... just some strong, fat, athletic guy to absorb offensive lineman that would allow our lb\'s to roam in space on the field.... we don\'t need all the techniques and gap assignments that venturi is proposing in that stupid defensive scheme of his.... it seems so simple, just tell the dt to clog up the hole and take on as many o-linemen as possible.... i could careless if they get any tackles at all for the season, the lb\'s (hopefully, watson, bell, and hartwell, but we know this won\'t be happening) will handle that as they are allowed to come up for run support without having to worry about getting a face full of offensive linemen...

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