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LKelley67 02-20-2005 02:21 PM

Latest QB Roundup
From review of sources near and far this the latest on the coming QB movement-

Garcia- seems to have the most interest. Maybe back with Mariucci in Detroit, Bucs made him an offer last winter, and even possibly back to SF

Bledsoe- a few teams mentioned but Dallas seems prominent. Parcells isnt much on youngsters, especially QB

Brad Johnson- could be reunited with Dennis Green in AZ

Testaverde- Looks destined to be Jets backup

Warner- has been mentioned strongly for Bears since they gave him a look last winter. Detroit definitely wants competition for starter and he is the only one I have seen mentioned in print as having contact with the Saints

Griese- could be back in TB but it will take quite a financial sacrifice after the good year he had

Fielder- have not read a thing on him anywhere

Gannon- ditto, but he might not be able to play again

The team shopping most for a starter is Dallas. I think SF and Cleveland both are uncomfortable picking Rodgers and Smith that high. It does not look prosperous for a trade down for either also. Getting a starter would alleviate the Rodgers/Smith decisions and ability to pick a top 3 RB, DJ, or Edwards or Williams WR. Ditto for the Cardinals preferring to pick a top 3 RB. So another FA QB could open that up. The Bears just want a veteran solid backup for Grossman. The Lions want competition to push Harrington.

Even if not at the top Aaron Rodgers and Alex Smith are going to require a starter pay investment even if they are not handed a job. This makes for quite a bit of signal caller activity. We'll know a lot more in another week or two. Any other major names/movement out there?

mutineer10 02-20-2005 06:19 PM

Latest QB Roundup
I\'m surprised SF is gonna be so quick to dump Tim Rattay. Sure, he\'s got some injury problems, but he showed some flashes of brilliance when healthy last season. I think he\'s got some potential. If the 49er\'s don\'t want him, I\'d like to see the Saints give him a shot.

Kurt Warner to the Bears makes sense (guess they\'re not hanging their hat on Jeff George ... hah!). Lovie was around Kurt long enough that there\'s bound to be some mutual respect there. Might even be a good fit.

I\'m not sold on Griese, but I bet the Bucs will try to resign him. Suits me ... even though he came in cold and beat us this past year. Not sold on Farce-cia, either. The Lions or 49er\'s can have his creepy a$$.

I still think Fiedler\'s worth a look, if nothing more than as a viable, solid backup. Keep in mind the sorry-a$$ O-lines this guy\'s played behind his whole career. Fiedler\'s always been better than he\'s credited for.

Bledsoe, Johnson, Testaverde and Gannon all need to catch the same bus into the sunset. All have had nice careers, it\'d be a shame to see them hanging around tainting them.

LKelley67 02-21-2005 07:52 AM

Latest QB Roundup
he is probably still under contract but it seems someone would want to give tommy maddox a shot at starting. the steelers could get by with a less expensive backup it seems. anyone hear anything about him?

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