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GumboBC 02-20-2005 10:25 PM

How did Panther fans react after losing to Saints? (funny)

Vent #1: JAKE!

I lost count of the overthrown balls....
-- I know Moose is tall, but he ain't 14 FEET tall! I thought Jake may have been throwing a ball to a fan in the end zone on that 1 pass to Muhammed!
-- I struggled to even find a receiver near where he threw it once or twice...

He had 'Happy Feet' so much that he reminded me of Fred Estaire...

I was cursing at the trainers for a while because the football was so stuck to his hand, preventing him from throwing the ball away and preventing the sack, that I thought they had put Super Glue on his palms!

The Web Site says :
'Saints Keeep Panthers From Playoffs'

No they didn't! The PANTHERS kept the Panthers from the Playoffs, and Jake was the MAIN reason!

Vent #2: The LINE!

This was the same Saints team that we demolished 4 weeks ago! This was the Saints Line that we beat on both sides of the ball, offense and Defense! WHAT A DIFFERENCE A MONTH MAKES!

The NO Saints SPANKED our offensive line and gave our defensive line, at times, all they could handle! Our offensive line, though, was embarrassing! There has to be changes, new blood!! To save time, they should have just let their linemen into our huddle and line up on our side, because they were BEHIND our line and in Jake's earhole almost right after the ball was snapped!

FINALLY - you can NOT blame Kasay for the block on that final kick! The line, once again, got man-handled, allowing the saints to snuff out our final hope!

Again...this was the team we abused on both sides of the ball a month ago! They definitely won the battle of the trenches yesterday!

I noticed that too but remember the Tampa Bay game when Henning was yelling spike it and Jake took matters into his hands to win the game. Looked like more of the same to me. Should have spiked it and then thrown deeper. We lost that timeout on a challenge.

Also if Goings doesn't drop that screen the series before we might not have punted or at least would have had better field position to start

LOL - Jake was sacked 6 times - at least 4 of those sacks came very soon after snap. I wish he had happy feet then he would not have gotten clobbered.

Jake missed on 2 clear scoring opportunites, I agree. But Jake did not allow a 71 yard run or several very key long pass plays by Brooks - Jake does not play defense.

Hey man, I agree on Jake having a bad day, I'd be stupid not to, but I'd be even more stupid to think the defense was not equally to blame and if you don't buy that one could argue the offensive line was equally to blame, or the play calling... or the... really man they have come back this season as a team. Sunday they lost as a team!

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GumboBC 02-20-2005 10:36 PM

How did Panther fans react after losing to Saints? (funny)
Here\'s some more:


I\'m sorry to point out that Jake would not have had the blind side hit matter if he didn\'t hold the ball so long. In two years he still hasn\'t figured out that an incomplete pass beats a sack every time.

Much of what he was throwing was just plain off the mark. He made some good throws but made more bad ones, and when people talked about who needed to be on his game, it was Jake. This was onr of his worst games ever.

All of that said, the O line was sorely pressed and ross and Willig stayed under the gun all game long. Jake could not get calmed down under constant pressure and while he gave a valiant effort, the team got beat by the failure of the defense to be able to stop much of anything. 14 points in 5 plays is just pitiful.

The big thing that strikes me is that Fox and Henning seemed to play not to lose instead of playing to win. The choices Jake got seemed to be bad and the overall strategy of the game gave control to NO from the first Qtr.

I\'m very proud of everyone in the organization who was part of the successes that made the Panthers stand out in the crowd. That they didn\'t make the playoffs at least gives the leadership a chance to take a hard look at this last season and get next year planned out well. Thanks guys, WTG!

I ate a little crow on Jake last week. Time to spit it back out. Lots of things happened in the game but to me it boils down to Brooks hit Joe Horn when he was running free in our secondary. Jake overthrew Moose when he was running free. The Saints made more plays!

I think all of Aaron Brooks\' talk to the press last week got in Jakes head. Remember this is the guy who beat him out for the starting job and sent him packing off to Carolina. As far as the 3 post patterns thrown in a row there were other receviers open on those plays. Henning doesn\'t tell Jake which reciever to throw to. I guess when you have an 80 something average QB rating and you roll a 147 the week before something has to give

I for one hope we upgrade at the backup QB position. Honestly Delhomme should have been sitting in the second half if we had a back up worth a damn. I want someone good enough to come in and provide a spark when Jake has a game like that. Honestly Jake played worse in the first half of the Saints game than Peete did in the first half against Jacksonville last year. We need another Jake to come in and replace Jake when Jake sucks it up next year. Get my point?

Good point - Jake would have been sitting in the 4th quarter, at least, last Sunday if we had a back-up the coaches had even a smidgen of faith in.

I honestly believe Rutherford is our new 3rd string QB. As for our back-up, I think part of it depends on Moose and the salary cap. If we have the money, we should definitely seek to upgrade the vet back-up QB position
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shadowdrinker 02-20-2005 11:25 PM

How did Panther fans react after losing to Saints? (funny)
This is simply another prelude to the all consuming Brooks Thread...We all know it by now....

He is DYING for someone to Compare Delhomme to Brooks....

Kinda like his \'\'Debate Challenge \'\' thread...It\'s all a setup...

GumboBC 02-20-2005 11:34 PM

How did Panther fans react after losing to Saints? (funny)

This is simply another prelude to the all consuming Brooks Thread...We all know it by now....

He is DYING for someone to Compare Delhomme to Brooks....

Kinda like his \'\'Debate Challenge \'\' thread...It\'s all a setup...
I could care less about comparing Delhomme to Brooks.

Know why I posted this?

Because there are a bunch of fans of EVERY team who place too much blame on the QB.

Just look at all the Panther fans pinning the loss on Delhomme. Very short-sighted IMO.

I\'ll say the samething for Delhomme that I say about Brooks. Delhomme made some mistakes, but he certainly got little help from the offensive line. And the defense didn\'t help much either.

I think the Panther\'s offensive line is better than ours, but they had better do something about it or Jake is going to have some real problems.

I\'ll never understand why fans place so much blame on the QB. Not just Saints fans, either...

GumboBC 02-20-2005 11:51 PM

How did Panther fans react after losing to Saints? (funny)
Gator --

When I read what the Panthers\' fans had to say about Delhomme, it sounded just like some of the crap I read here.

My TOTAL reason for posting this is to show how absurd fans can be when they try and pin everything on the QB.

If I were a Panthers\' fan, I\'d be right in their sticking up for Jake and telling those fans how simple-minded they were.

I\'d get labled as a sunshiner and a Delhomme lover.

I\'d get told that I must be the crazy one because I refused to think we need to get another QB.

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Saint_LB 02-21-2005 12:03 AM

How did Panther fans react after losing to Saints? (funny)
It must be nice to be a Panther fan and have a memory of your team going to the Superbowl. It also must be satisfying to know that you did it with a QB that came from another team in your own division that didn\'t have enough guts to play him for fear of upsetting a \"self-proclaimed\" star on their team...and having the knowledge that as long as they keep playing this guy that you will always have a chance to win when you play them. Some fans have all the luck.

BTW, I didn\'t see in any one of those posts where someone was calling for Jake to be replaced. Maybe if the Panthers finish out of the playoffs for the next three years you might be able to find comments like that, but I doubt seriously that they have reached the frustration level with him that we have reached here with AB.

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GumboBC 02-21-2005 12:09 AM

How did Panther fans react after losing to Saints? (funny)
Gator --

Sometimes a person needs to be shown a different perspective, IMHO.

I just wanted some Saints\' fans to read how some fans place too much blame on the QB.

We watch our QB play every game and some fans pick apart every aspect of his game. Other fans do the samething with their QB.

Panthers\' fans are already questioning Jake\'s accuracy. In two years he hasn\'t completed 60% of his passes. I say, so what!!

Panther fans are suggesting that Delhomme can\'t find open receivers and holds the ball too long and takes needless sacks. I say the offensive line is hurting Jake.

Some Panthers\' fans are already suggest that another QB be brought in to push or replace Jake. I say that\'s foolish.

Jake benifited from playing behind a great offensive line and he also had a great defense when they went to the super bowl. Jake played well in the playoffs. I\'ll give him proper respcet for that.

If the Panthers don\'t address thier offensive line, I think Jake is going to continue to sturggle and the fans are going to grow more restless.

While Jake makes his fair share of mistakes, the QB position is NOT the problem.

I hope this drives a point home to some folks. Probably not though?

GumboBC 02-21-2005 12:37 AM

How did Panther fans react after losing to Saints? (funny)

Ok I get the point but I\'ll say this...just because other teams unfairly criticize their QB doesn\'t mean that happens here.
Understood. But it does go to show that QBs, in general, take too much blame. And I think it shows that when fans watch their QB EVERY week, they tend to focus on the negatives way too much.

I\'m under no grand illusion that Jake and Brooks are in the same situation. And that\'s not the point I\'m trying to make.

Both Brooks and Delhomme had ONE thing in common this year and that would be they both played behind subpar offensive lines. Although, I still say the Panthers\' offensive line was better than ours. But, the Panther offensive line still isn\'t good. Their coach, John Fox, is also able to call better pass blocking schemes than we are, IMO.

Anyway, this might not mean too much too some folks. I just thought I\'d give something new a try.

Tobias-Reiper 02-21-2005 08:31 AM

How did Panther fans react after losing to Saints? (funny)

Every week they rise or fall in that same configuration. I have been supportive of Jake and do not think the mistakes of the season need to be rehashed. I think trying to protect or justify anything about this team cheapens the effort that got them as far as it did. Jake is a keeper, is there anything more than that that needs to be said? Fox has shown himself to be a great coach, so what else do we need to know. Are there issues? Yes. Will they address them? We have to hope that they will.

So while venting has a great deal of value, it pays to remember that we just watched. The team played and had to take the long walk to the locker room and then pack and go home for the season. I am proud of all of them, even the ones I may not have been overly happy with and I trust Fox and Hurney to do whatever is necessary to fix whatever is broken.

..and that\'s how that Panthers Pride thread ended....

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4saintspirit 02-21-2005 10:44 AM

How did Panther fans react after losing to Saints? (funny)
QB\'s are expected to receive the most blame they get an undue amount of credit when the team wins -- they usually are the highest priced players on the team -- usually are relied on to be the leaders of the team -- and handle the ball more than any other player on the team. I mean they handle the ball on all of the offensive plays (except for the very few trick plays). Based on this why shouldn\'t they be up for the most scrutiny. Yes a team wins or loses together but the QB can put teams on his back and win the game single handed or make bone head plays and lose the game single handed. One problem we have with Brooks is that he may be too sensitive to accept this criticsm which could be a problem

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