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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by SaintsBro Well here is the thing. When you are undefeated the refs will GIVE you whatever calls you need. The way to get the calls to go your way, is to be a GOOD football team. When ...

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Re: officiating

Originally Posted by SaintsBro View Post
Well here is the thing. When you are undefeated the refs will GIVE you whatever calls you need. The way to get the calls to go your way, is to be a GOOD football team. When you suck, the refs will be like "talk to the hand" and they look the other way. All day long. ....
This is so true (and not just in NFL).
For years I have argued that when teams are good, officials also believe those teams are good. The officials have preconceptions that colors events.
Officials believe that good teams making what seems to be good plays is normal.
Officials believe that something was amiss when bad teams make what seems to be good plays.
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Re: officiating

I am a rugby referee. Thank God I don't referee football. So much is left to interpretation.
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Re: officiating

Originally Posted by Rugby Saint II View Post
I am a rugby referee. Thank God I don't referee football. So much is left to interpretation.
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Re: officiating

As I've said before. Fan Duel and the like pay out $75 million a week. It would be easier to get to an official than a player. Just look at the crew that was reassigned due to the horrible "job" they did.
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Re: officiating

Originally Posted by SloMotion View Post
IDK if I think this every year, but the officiating is the worst I've ever seen. The calls, the non-calls, the game-changing calls ... seems like it's happening in every game, every week. Is the game too fast for 'em? Do they need full-time refs? Do they need to review every call? What's the answer? It is affecting the outcome of games, .

I honestly wonder if this isn't true ... I mean, FF is obviously a money-maker, so why not tailor/move the game to a more individual player concept? It'll be like betting on jai-lai or horse racing, .

, the Lions don't need any help losing in the last plays of a game, but that was definitely a different twist, . I was sitting there thinking, with :30 seconds left, that if you give Rodgers the ball, he's gonna' score ... but I was surprised at that ending, .

I think the Panther's strength is in their overall game, every unit is pretty tough in it's own right & they have a pretty competent coaching staff, IMO.
The fantasy aspect makes it probably for individual players to manipulate their own stats. Say someone is playing in one of these million dollar fantasy leagues. For arguements sake his opponent that week has Sneed as a player who has been lighting it up statistically for New Orleans but New Orleans is still 2-13. Snead doesnt make much money and this guy approaches him and says he will break him off half a mil if he takes a dive for the week. I know its improbably but if I just came up with that scenario off the top of my head someone smarter will fine a way to manipulate the system.
I just dont like the implications of what could happen with high dollar fantasy games.
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Re: officiating

Originally Posted by SmashMouth View Post
We still got horrid calls in 2009. It's just that we were good enough then to overcome adversity. To win consistently, one has to commit fewer mistakes in all facets of the game and be good enough to overcome unfair BS officiating.

We got three turnovers against the Panties and still lost. We're simply not good enough. We're in the midst of a rebuild. It may be 2 years minimum before we can get there again. By that time it may be too late for Brees.
Everybody gets those unfair calls. Good teams will get some bad calls, sure. We get undisciplined ones. Unnecessary ones. It's like we've become the NFC's version of the Raiders of a few years back. The refs are looking for them on us now. And we don't get the benefit of some calls against us because of the boneheaded, undisciplined fouls we make. Make sense?
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Re: officiating

I am going to leave this here!

The umpire is the official that lines up approximately five yards off the line of scrimmage on the defensive side of the ball. His duties include:

Making sure the offense has no more than 11 men on the field
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Re: officiating

The Saints games aren't the only games with poor ref's. It has been in every telecast game I have seen this year. It's as if the ref's are playing Fan Duel or something. The games are getting longer & boring because of all of the penalties.
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Re: officiating

Originally Posted by CharityMike View Post
I think I have heard the funniest thing Payton has ever said. Funny because it's so true. He started his presser saying he told himself he's not gonna talk about the refs and then said, there were 2 times they had 12 men in the huddle, no flag. He then said, the refs on Friday nights get that call right..lmfao

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The refs called it on MNF.
They call the 12 on the field.
The game lacks integrity.
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Re: officiating

Originally Posted by Barry from MS View Post
I refuse to complain. The years when we had a winning record we were one of the least penalized teams in the league. This year, we are 4-8. We're not gonna get the calls. It is what it is. We need to get better.
There is a coorilation there. We were the one of the least penalized teams because we were a disciplined team. Not because the refs just looked the other way. Our discipline and cohesiveness are part of what made those years great.

This year we are a sloppy team. No surprise that we suck.
When complaining about the officiating I am not complaining about the calls on us. I am complaining against all the free passes Carolina got. Our team has never had that many free passes.

IM not even really complaining about the officiating as much as I am pointing out that the refs are going to call the games the way the NFL tells them to. You can watch any NFL game between any NFL teams and if there is a good "story" there somewhere you can bet the refs are going to call it to where the outcome is a good storyline.
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