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Strategy for Remaining Season?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; keep slugging it out. mix and match in the secondary till something works to some degree. Defensive talent depth wise has a long way to go. It will take more than a few years to repair the damage caused by ...

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LB Mentallity
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Re: Strategy for Remaining Season?

keep slugging it out. mix and match in the secondary till something works to some degree. Defensive talent depth wise has a long way to go. It will take more than a few years to repair the damage caused by ROB.

Been screaming about Kenny before we drafted him NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO but since he is here we should take a look at how the cards use Deone Bucannon. third safety in a semi LB roll. Kenny is no Deon but he might work out in the roll.

Draft a true modern day safety!
Jalen Ramsey, S/CB, Florida State, 6005, 202, 4.49

FSU has him at CB and he has shown signs as be just ok in the roll so he should be on the board. I would venture to say he is the best FS/SS hybrid to come out since Deon. Bit since Deon has proven to be the steal of the 2014 NFL draft the price has gone up. He is not as physical but the kid is smart.

CBs for the love of god make one requirement a necessity. Tackling

see off I go wanting to fix it for next year so play them all see what we got.

Oh by the way Senio Kelemete? why the love? he is next on my draft hit list along with Lelito. 2 back up a start does not make.

round 2 OG? round 4 yet another OG?

Right now our best weapon is to keep this defense off the field as much as possible for the next couple of years and keep putting up points.

play them all and pull drew when you really start to get desperately screwy with the line up. we got two backup QBs we can sacrifice for the cause.
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Re: Strategy for Remaining Season?

My take on the rest of the season is attempt to win out and finish 8-8. I do agree in order to have a chance at 8-8, it would be a very good idea to try something new in the secondary. I absolutely had enough of Browner and think he should get his release, and pretty much seen enough of Vaccaro to know there is a true draft need for safety going into next year.
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Re: Strategy for Remaining Season?

Win every game possible. Go 8-8 if possible. Don't go out a loser and tank the season like so many weird people in this forum want. For what? So we can move up a few spots in the draft? Get real you guys. Only cowards quit. And if this team did that, I'd cease to be a fan. Say all you want, but I'd bury my head in shame if my team did what Tampa did last year.

Really? Tank the season? I love ya'll but some of you make me sick.
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Hu Dat!
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Re: Strategy for Remaining Season?

Get Ingram some rest and get Hightower some more action. Don't bring Breaux back unless he's fully healthy. We should keep playing hard and trying to win, but need to balance that with preserving our best players so we have some good things to work with next season.

We obviously are worried about the dead money and may not be able to cut Browner. So we may need to bite the bullet and send Browner plus a draft pick to another team that has the cap space for next to nothing. Essentially give up a draft pick to a team to help us get rid of our problem. Probably can't do it now because of trade deadline. This type of trade has been done in the NBA before, hoping NFL rules will allow it. Nonetheless, Harper should be inactive until we can address it in the offseason.

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Re: Strategy for Remaining Season?

'Tank' is no option. However, sending a message into next season for the sorry performers of this 33rd ranked defense, I'd shelf Browner & KVac the rest of the season. No joke, either. I'm done with both of them. Sign some one off the street to play the nickel/dime and let Dixon/Wilson start at corner if Breaux can't go (where is Swann?). That way Browner won't get his bonus money and KVac will get the message that he still stinks.

If we can make one or both inactive, bring DT Mabry back off the practice squad and maybe sign another DT with some meat off another practice squad to help out our D-Line...we are soft and mushy up the middle in the second half of games because we have no depth or no meat in the middle. This is the 2nd reason we are 33rd in defense.

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Re: Strategy for Remaining Season?

You play to WIN, every single Sunday.
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Re: Strategy for Remaining Season?

Originally Posted by K Major View Post
You play to WIN, every single Sunday.
Absolutely. I think though, our team honestly gave everything they had yesterday. This loss is gonna linger. IMO we may only win 1 more.
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Re: Strategy for Remaining Season?

Strategy for the remaining season: Jacksonville and Detroit -- bring plenty of Maker's Mark in a flask.

Tampa, Atlanta -- I dunno, maybe do some laundry, folding, maybe clean up the house a little bit? Of course I'll still go down to the Dome, when they're there, but this team is so bad I could easily see myself getting some stuff done on the other Sundays for a change. Maybe listen on radio, it's less painful.
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Re: Strategy for Remaining Season?

Would be nice to beat the Dirty Birds without Browner on the field.
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Re: Strategy for Remaining Season?

-Cut Browner. Major problem and fail all season. Start Dixon. He can't be any worse.
-Put Swann on IR.
-Cut McGlyn, Hunt, Hightower.
-Sign G's Myers (Ravens), and Matias (Titans) to the active roster. They had draft grades and at worst are good camp bodies next year.
-Sign TE O'Leary (Bills) to the active roster. Can't be any wosre than Hill and will be another camp body at a need position.
-Sign WR Hill (Pats) and RB Hillard (Texans) to the active roster. Looking at next season again.
-Grayson needs to play sometime to get live NFL action. Last game. Last two games. Something.
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