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GumboBC 02-21-2005 05:37 PM

The biggest addition to the defense could be...
.... Jonathan Sullivan!

Much has been discussed about the defense this offseason. While most of the talk has been about potential free-agents pickups and the upcoming draft, not much has been said about Jonathan Sullivan.

Mentioning Sullivan's name often brings up the dreaded "Bust" label. However, I'm not ready to write Sullivan off just YET!

Sullivan was drafted in 2003 afer the Saints traded away a number one draft choice -acquired with the Ricky Williams trade to the Dolphins- and the Saints moved up to the number 6 spot where they selected Sullivan.

The coahing staff quicky had issues with Sullivan's work ethics and commitment. Grady Jackson was even shipped off to Green Bay because the coaches thought Grady was a bad influence on the youngster!

In his two years as a Saint, Sullivan has only played in 21 games. Only 7 of those games coming last season.

While no one but Jonathan Sullivan can save his career in New Orleans, John Pease has made Sullivan a top priority. Pease is known around the NFL as a master motivator and a great teacher.

Pease has demanded Sullivan remain in New Orleans during the offseason to work on his conditioning and overall game.

If the "switch" finally comes on for Sullivan, it would -IMO- automatically make the Saints front 4 one of the best in the NFL.

With Darren Howard, Will Smith, Charles Grant, and Brian Young, the addition of a movitvated Sullivan would provide that dominant player on the interior of the defensive line where he would draw double-teams thereby freeing up the defensive ends.

As the offseason goes on, we should get reports on Sullivans progress. Knowing that it might be his last shot in New Orleans, don't be surprised to see a different Jonathan Sullivan very soon.

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no_cloning 02-22-2005 04:42 AM

The biggest addition to the defense could be...
GumboBC, May 8th 2004: \"The coaches need to get Sully on the right path. It is troubling when a young guy with so much promise doesn\'t take it on himself to be the best player he can be. Maybe John Pease can get through to the guy and push the right buttons.....\"

What has changed since then? Sullivan has lost a season, is in Haslett\'s doghouse (and Haz knows how to hold grudges) and the attitude he displays publicly is way worse.
Physically he may be able to be the player we need - a man in the middle that eats up space. But I\'m not looking to Sully anymore to make a contribution to this team. He\'s a bust.

Danno 02-22-2005 06:57 AM

The biggest addition to the defense could be...
Sullivan has the talent, so I\'ll take a wait and see approach. Its truly cheaper to keep her, connsidering the cap hit would dwarf the upside of keeping him. Its an odd win-win situation for us.
1. He remains a decent yet overpaid back-up.
2. He studs out and wins comeback player of the year.
3. He comes in fat and lazy again and we cut him, admit our mistake, and gain some much needed respect in the clubhouse.

You never know how he will react to Peases committment to offer his services to try and make him a solid D-lineman. If he had at least 1/2 a brain he\'d see this as an opportunity of a lifetime. If he mans up, we may have a keeper. If he slacks off, he\'s essentially Grady Jackson, without the occasional flashes of success.

I think in 2006 he won\'t be protected by an enormous cap-hit. So 2005 is his put-up or shut-up year. If he doesn\'t do it next year he never will.

o1higuy 02-22-2005 07:21 AM

The biggest addition to the defense could be...
Too bad they can\'t force him to renegotiate his contract or be cut. If he was cut, I don\'t see him drawing the contract he was getting here. Fill it with incentives with big payouts and see if that would motivate him. I tell you though, I am sick of all these projects we have. I know he wasn\'t drafted as such but we seem to be loaded with them. Money talks! Especially when your not getting any. Huh...sounds like my wife.

lynwood 02-22-2005 08:27 AM

The biggest addition to the defense could be...
What will make our defense better is the offense doing more than 3 and out in the first half of the game.

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