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Is age really the reason?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Drew Brees 36 years old Carson Palmer 35 years old Marques Colston 32 years old Larry Fitzgerald 32 years old There is something wrong with this offense -- but this year -- age is not the problem. I'm not even ...

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Is age really the reason?

Drew Brees 36 years old
Carson Palmer 35 years old

Marques Colston 32 years old
Larry Fitzgerald 32 years old

There is something wrong with this offense -- but this year -- age is not the problem. I'm not even going to mention the D. Let's just keep the focus on the side of the ball that was truly surprising, in a bad way, this season.

I think Bruce Arians is a good coach.
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Re: Is age really the reason?

Theres more going on than we probablh know. Not only that but our positional coaches are pretty bad at developing players. If we drafted Aaron Donald, Luke Kuechly, etc they probably wouldnt be nearly as good on this team for whatever reason.
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Re: Is age really the reason?

A QB age is a reflection of their line

As for the rest we will see what happens in year two of the draft and a new DC banging the desk for the players they want
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Re: Is age really the reason?

An interesting season in that aspect, lotta' journeyman players doing well, ie add Matt Hasselback (IND) to that list. I got Carson Palmer on my FF team (by accident), woohoo!!
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Re: Is age really the reason?

Every person is different. Carson Palmer played good early in his career and not so good in the middle. He has had a resurgence since being with the Cardinals. Probably a mix of coaching (scheme) and he is just playing good ball right now. We have seen it many times, a player does crap with a team and then changes teams and is a superstar.

Coaching makes all the difference. Look at how many vets they have on both sides of the ball playing very good football. It just highlights even more how much our coaching has gone stale. WE use to be THE team. No one wanted to play us at the dome. Our offense struck fear in EVERYONE and what superstars did we have? Brees...a good O line. Colston was underated but he is/was never a Larry Fitzgerald. Our Defense was never great but did enough.

Just reflect on how good we were and think if we had a D like the Cardinals to go with our Offense in Drews prime, how many Lombardi's would we have right now? But constant misses in the draft and free agency never gave our defense a chance. And now so many bad decisions, along with a coaching staff that don't have the same spark, this is where we have fallen to. Payton got his nads and in turn, his edge, stomped on by RG. I don't know if he can get it back and I personally don't think we will see it here. His reluctance and his loyalty to our present staff is his downfall here. We need a jolt of life from some new staff. The message is not getting through anymore because IMO, Payton has got complacent. He does not demand the same respect he once did. Remember how the players would talk about that stare, or how when they screwed up, they would go out of there way to avoid him on the sideline. Those days are gone as evidenced by Browner bucking up to DA. What coach would let fly and not have repercussions? Would Belchick stand for that? I would say neither would many other coach's.
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Re: Is age really the reason?

A lot of misses for sure. Have to have those to keep momentum. Once that is gone, difficult to get it going again. I think that is where we are right now, really low level of production from all angles of acquiring players for a while. Get new eyes evaluating players and get new position coaches. What we have now is broken.
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Re: Is age really the reason?

I don't think age is as much a problem as the offensive line. Most of Paytons passing plays are deeper routes, which Drew doesn't have the time to let them develop. That's when the non-stop screens come into play to try and neutralize the pressure
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Re: Is age really the reason?

Age might not affect the QB play as much but it's killing us on the O-line. Strief and Evans are ancient......and Colston isn't a spring chicken anymore.
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Re: Is age really the reason?

It's affecting me almost every play. Just makes me feel older and older...
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Re: Is age really the reason?

I don't understand the conversation here. How much is really wrong with our offense. We are
4th- Yds/game
4th- 3rd down %
9th- Points/game

I'm not saying the offense doesn't have problems but it could be a lot worse.
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