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Saintuary 01-22-2003 12:50 PM

What is your biggest DREAM for the Saints?
Mine is to tie the Miami Dolphins undefeated record. Can you imagine to lowly Saints doing that. The NFL, ESPN all those people would be so pissed.

D_it_up 01-22-2003 02:30 PM

What is your biggest DREAM for the Saints?
The obvious answer to this question is for the Saints to win the Super Bowl. What Saint fan wouldn\'t dream of that? My darkhorse reply is simple. I want the Saints to get what they have never been able to achieve throughout their years in the NFL. Something that has escaped them year in and year out. You wonder what that may be? Easy! I want the Saints to have RESPECT for once. No matter how well they seem to play they never get respect. They could probably win back-to-back Super Bowls and STILL never get the respect they fully deserve. When that day comes, my ultimate dream for the Saints will have come true.

WhoDat 01-22-2003 02:56 PM

What is your biggest DREAM for the Saints?
I think the Saints have always gotten the exact amount of respect that they deserve. Media men and analysts alike don\'t pay much attention to the Saints unless they\'re way out in front, and rightly so. Look at what this team did the last two years in a row. We are, after all, the Saints. The Bengals have been to a Super Bowl. Now so have the Bucs. That leaves us as the consumate chumps of the NFL. Don\'t look for respect until the Saints earn respect. In my mind that will take more than a Super Bowl. People questioned the Patriots at the beginning of this year. The Saints will have to be very competitive, make it to the playoffs, and probably even make a trip to the Super Bowl for a few years running before they get any r-e-s-p-e-c-t around this league.

Saintuary 01-22-2003 05:47 PM

What is your biggest DREAM for the Saints?
Respect seems very hard for us to obtain. Win the SB will they laugh then? Who cares. A simple statement like \"just win baby\" really packs a punch. Easily said but difficult to obtain. I agree with y\'all, maybe two SBs will bring us the respect we so desperately seek.

How far away are we? How close are we? I wish I knew.

SaintStoneyMount 01-24-2003 06:51 AM

What is your biggest DREAM for the Saints?
winners are respected.
Just win Baby

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