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Create Your Own Mock Draft

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Tired of reading the same old mocks? Wanna try your hand at it? Here's your chance to let the BnG know how you feel. I'll start us off... 1) 49er's - QB Aaron Rodgers, California - I think the 49er's ...

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Create Your Own Mock Draft

Tired of reading the same old mocks? Wanna try your hand at it? Here's your chance to let the BnG know how you feel.

I'll start us off...

1) 49er's - QB Aaron Rodgers, California - I think the 49er's will take him, though they should probably give Rattay a real shot. Huge bust danger, here.
2) Dolphins - RB Cedrick Benson, Texas - Fits a desperate need, and cheaper to draft a stud than to try and sign one in FA. Benson's an every-downer who should pay nice dividends.
3) Browns - LB Derrick Johnson, Texas - Sorry guys. Crennel's a defensive mind, tempered under Belichick, and Savage comes in from Baltimore. Do you really think the two of them will pass on this guy? Not a chance.
4) Bears - QB Alex Smith, Utah - This is a tough call. The Bears should probably trade down in an attempt to fill more holes, but if they stay here they're likely to look for an offensive playmaker. Here's your man.
5) Buccaneers - RB Carnell Williams, Auburn - The Bucs need a RB, and Gruden famously drooled over the "Cadillac" at the Senior Bowl. Teammate Ronnie Brown should probably go first, but I'll bet on Carnell here.
6) Titans - CB Antrell Rolle, Miami - Where do they begin? Should probably trade down to fill more holes, but why not replace one Rolle with another?
7) Vikings (from Raiders) - DE David Pollack, Georgia - An excellent pass rusher at DE, but athletic enough to move to LB in the NFL if needed. Vocal and plays with alot of heart ... would make a great additon to a squalid defense.
8) Cardinals - RB Ronnie Brown, Auburn - A no-brainer. The Cards desperately need a consistent RB, and Gruden does them a tremendous favor by letting the better Auburn RB fall this far.
9) Redskins - WR Mike Williams, USC - The Skins disappoint another promising WR by grabbing Williams here. It's not surprising the Skins let Coles and Gardner go with this many WR options in this year's crop.
10) Lions - DE Erasmus James, Wisconsin - Something of a value pick, but fits a need for the Lions. They might as well start shoring up the defense, in hopes all their offensive talent will begin to mature soon.
11) Cowboys - DE Marcus Spears, LSU - The Cowboys must address an anemic pass rush. Spears is Parcell's type of player - a talented pass rusher with the size to play every down. Not as much of a reach as it seems (and I'm not an LSU fan).
12) Chargers (from Giants) - CB Adam "Pac Man" Jones, West Virginia - The Chargers got burned for too many big plays last season, so expect them to address this issue when Pac Man falls to them here.
13) Texans - OT Alex Barron, Florida State - Delighted that Barron has fallen this far, the Texans snatch him up right away. They've gotta cut down on the sacks, or Carr's never gonna reach his potential.
14) Panthers - OT Jamaal Brown, Oklahoma - The Panthers could go many directions here, with questions at WR, CB, and along the O-line. The line was awful last year, so expect them to draft Delhomme a little more protection.
15) Chiefs - DT Travis Johnson, Florida State - The Chiefs must find a way to stop the run, and Johnson would be a good start. Fits a need and is a pretty good value here.
16) Saints - S/OLB Thomas Davis, Georgia - Not necessarily what we wanted, but could be a nice pick. Similar to Michael Boulware in last year's draft (who turned out nicely for the Seahawks, by the way), Davis is a guy who could play either safety or OLB. In case you haven't noticed, we need both. Our youth at LB leads me to predict Davis at safety, possibly taking over for Tebucky Jones (who may be departing).
17) Bengals - OLB Shawne Merriman, Maryland - Delighted that the Saints passed on another LB, Marvin Lewis grabs Merriman here. A playmaker with excellent range, should win a starting job right away with the Bengals.
18) Vikings - WR Braylon Edwards, Michigan - A talent like Edwards being available here is part of the reason the Vikes were willing to deal Moss. Like last year, this crop is chock full of talent at WR. Per the Vikes standard, they can address the defense later (hah!).
19) Rams - DE Dan Cody, Oklahoma - Underachievement (and legal battles) along the D-line will lead them to this trough again. With Cody, they get a versatile athlete who could provide the heart they've missed since Wistrom departed.
20) Cowboys (from Bills) - CB Carlos Rogers, Auburn - Parcells continues to grab SEC defensive studs here. Due to an abhorrent pass rush (addressed earlier with Spears) and injuries, the Cowboys' corners were burned mercilessly last year. Look for Rogers to take a job right away in Dallas.
21) Jaguars - CB Justin Miller, Clemson - The Jags were stingy against the run last season, but couldn't seem to force enough turnovers. Miller's a workaday coverage corner who'll make an impact in Jacksonville.
22) Ravens - WR Mark Clayton, Oklahoma - The Ravens passing game is slowly, but steadily, improving. If a few pieces fall in the right places, you could be hearing Boller to Clayton alot in the next few years.
23) Seahawks - ILB Odell Thurman, Georgia - The Hawks need an impact player on defense (especially at LB), and Thurman could fit the bill. Has all the tools, and a bit of a nasty streak.
24) Packers - OLB Demarcus Ware, Troy - A speedy playmaker, likely to step into a starting job if the Packers are unable to resign Hannibal Navies.
25) Broncos - WR Troy Williamson, South Carolina - Has great size and speed, with the capability to get open. A technically sound WR who could be mentored by / take over for Rod Smith.
26) Jets - CB Marlon Jackson, Michigan - Jets could use an upgrade at CB, and Jackson's a good value here. Will be a solid starter in the NFL.
27) Falcons - WR Roddy White, UAB - I've had a chance to see this guy in person, and he's outstanding. Played in a rollout-based passing attack in college. He would fit the Falcons (or Broncos) scheme so well it's almost scary. If they can only get Vick to throw the ball to him...
28) Chargers - DT Shaun Cody, USC - One of my personal favorites, the Chargers steal S. Cody here. He's a monster one-gap who gets consistent penetration. One helluva value pick.
29) Colts - DT Anttaj Hawthorne, Wisconsin - An exceptional (and agile) run stuffer, Hawthorne could add a much needed dimension to the Colts defense.
30) Steelers - TE Heath Miller, Virginia - Roethlisberger likes to look for the TE in the red zone, so expect the Steelers to draft him a target in Miller. Good blocking adds to the value of his receiving skills.
31) Eagles - LB Kevin Burnett, Tennessee - Eagles upgrade a ho-hum LB corps with the additon of Burnett. A big hitter with a nasty side, should serve the Eagles well.
32) Patriots - CB Brandon Browner, Oregon State - somewhat raw, but a monster corner at 6'3 with estimated 4.45 speed, could be a dominant force with the right training. Is anyone more apt at training than Belichick?

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Create Your Own Mock Draft

hey, i\'ve done this every other week LOL. i just go to pick #16 saints spot tho. i\'ll update next week or so after some of the free agency is settled.

1. SF- i think the niners desperately want to trade down but wont be able to. neither rodges or smith is a #1. i am betting they get another FA qb so they can pick benson who is a much more legit #1 to build on. dj is the best player overall but that is a stretch
2. MIA- rb fo sho
3. CLE- ditto, former dc crennel wants D. rolle if not dj
4. CHI- my biggest disagreement with your picks. they are going with grossman. i think this is a sure wr pick, edwards or williams
5. TB- agreed, rb #3 goes here
6. TEN- another team wanting to trade down big time. rolle or pacman if dj is gone. possibly edwards-williams wr with mason gone.
7. MIN- i go definite edwards or williams here to replace moss if still on board unless they sign burress, mason, muhammed, etc
8. ARZ- top 3 rb\'s gone. aaron rodgers to the future
9. WASH- williams and edwards long gone. could stretch for clayton or williamson at wr. if not, top de, i peg dan cody
10. DET- top defensive player on board, i go pacman
11. DAL- ditto spears, the need and a parcells kinda guy (cb at #20)
12. SD- need wr and sacker, whichever wash doesnt take (same needs) cody or williamson. then the other position at pick #28
13. HOU- ditto, i have the same guy falling to here that they cannot pass up
14. CARO- could be jammal, ot needed, or heath miller to go with colbert n steve smith if muhammed is gone
15. KC- similiar to den in front of N.O. last year, their needs are the same. best d on board: johnson. thomas davis, merriman, pollack
16. NO- i think it is entirely possible alex smith could be here and make for a saints dilema. if a drop this far i would say ya cannot pass (like deuce & smith). otherwise, most likely seems davis, travis johnson, whoever you peg as #3 cb (miller, jackson, rogers), or stretch for burnett-crowder lb.

we\'ll know a lot more in the coming 2 weeks when some free agents find a home.
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Create Your Own Mock Draft

2 early....will put out mine in about a month
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Create Your Own Mock Draft

SF- Antrel Rolle. I know it is a reach, but I have heard from several reliable sources that the niners love this kid. He will need a good combine however to prove he is number one material.
MIA- Cedrick Benson
CLE-Aaron Rodgers
CHI- Derrick Johnson
TB- Cadillac Williams
TEN- Pac-man Jones
MIN- Braylon Edwards
ARZ- Erasmus James
WAS- Mike Williams
DET- David pollack
DAL- Alex Smith- Bill learned that Henson was not the answer. Smith was just to good to pass up. Bledsoe is obviously only a temp till they find someone younger. They just found that someone.
SD- Thoams Davis
HOU- Alex Barron
CAR-Jammal Brown
KC- Shanwe Marriman
NEW ORLEANS- Justin Miller Most mocks have him as a late round first but I feel his stock will soar after a great combine. Miller is quick, fast, and can really play. I feel his stock will do exactly what Dunta Robinson\'s did last year and he will produce similar results.
CIN- Anttaj Hawthorn
MIN- Dan Cody
STL- Travis Johnson
DAL- Carlos Rodgers
JAC- Marcus Spears
BAL- Troy Williamson
SEA- Mark Clayton- dropped passes prompted this pick. Seahawks are tired of ended drives on dropped balls
GB- Brandon Browner
DEN- Ronnie Brown- can\'t resist picking this future prow bowler as he is this draft\'s first round sleeper
NYJ-Heath Miller
ATL- Shaun Cody
SD- Kalif Barnes
IND- Daryl Blaystock
PIT- Marion Barber
PHI- Jonathan Babineaux
NE- Marlin Jackson

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Create Your Own Mock Draft

i like debating these mocks-
chicago is pegged hard for first choice in wideouts, edwards or williams
arizona takes james over ronnie brown? maybe if they get travis henry. but then they would take alex smith before james. i\'d bet real money against ronnie brown lasting to #25, heck 20 or 15 for that matter.
dallas- it is clear parcells isnt interested in developing a qb (they have one for that). if he isnt winning this year or next at longest he\'ll retire again
wr williams and edwards in the top 7 will suck williamson and/or clayton up higher.
i dont think rolle is a reach. if you see them get any fa qb that is the plan. rolle, benson, or dj anyhow
i like travis johnson over miller for value/need in your workup
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