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Mostly forgotten but not lost!!

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; While we're focusing on free-agency and the draft, there's some players who are already on the team who might make significant contributions?! WR Devery Henderson LT Stinchcomb, Jon WR Gardner, Talman DT Leisle, Rodney SLB Hodge, Sedrick SS Mel Mitchell ...

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Mostly forgotten but not lost!!

While we're focusing on free-agency and the draft, there's some players who are already on the team who might make significant contributions?!

WR Devery Henderson
LT Stinchcomb, Jon
WR Gardner, Talman
DT Leisle, Rodney
SLB Hodge, Sedrick
SS Mel Mitchell
MLB Cie Grant

Devery - Might take over for Pathon
Stinchcomb - Possibility at RT
Gardner - Proabably lost in the shuffle
Leslie - Interesting player who might push for playing time.
Hodge - He's got some skills. Has chance of playing.
Mel Mitchel - He'll be competing for a starting spot.

Last but not least:

Cie Grant:

Here's a little reminder on what Cie's background is:

Moves back to linebacker this year after a season as a starting cornerback … has size and speed and is being counted on to help fill the void created by the departure of Joe Cooper and Courtland Bullard … physical player who is much more at home at linebacker, but who offered to help out at corner in 2001 when the Buckeyes were looking for a starter … A tremendous runner with sideline-to-sideline range. Hits hard for a man his size. Has the coverage skills to play safety but hits like a linebacker.
Great Blue North (GBNReport.com) reports, according to the The Columbus Dispatch, Ohio State OLB Cie Grant, ran in the 4.3's at pro day. (Gil Brandt of NFL.com had these numbers: Grant stood at 6-0½ and weighed 230 pounds. He ran 40 times of 4.52 and 4.49 seconds. He did 21 benches and did the rest of his workout at the Combine)

Grant is an undersized guy that plays with great intensity and understands his role. He has outstanding athletic ability. Has great speed and range and can get through traffic without much of a problem. He has outstanding coverage skills. Shows the ability to turn and run with backs out of the backfield and is very fluid with his hips.
Haslett loves this kid. I can understand why Haslett is being so patient with him.

Thoughts on ANY of these players?

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Mostly forgotten but not lost!!

Cie Grant at safety perhaps??? (barring a 2005 preseason/camp injury )
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Mostly forgotten but not lost!!

I posed a question relating to the receivers and the Horn situation earlier this month on the website and got this response wich echoes some of your thoughts on the receiving situation:

by JarrodBreaux on Feb 17, 2005 - 05:13 PM
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I believe if Stallworth can remain healthy then he will be a deep threat for the Saints for the next several years. The player you will likely see eventually taking over for Horn is Devery Henderson. The Saints were slow in bringing Henderson along this year, but they intend on using him alot more this season & rumor has it that they have had him running alot of the same routes that Horn usually takes. Pathon could be a cap casualty and Boo appears to still have a window of opportunity to prove himself, but its closing rapidly. Don\'t be surprised if the Saints grab a more balanced Tight end if the right one falls into their laps during the draft.

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Mostly forgotten but not lost!!

I\'ve really been wondering about Leisle and Stinchcomb.
Didn\'t Leisle come in the day after the draft and point to a picture of Sullivan and say \"One day I\'ll take this guys job.\"?
It was believed that he slipped in the draft from at least the second round because of injuries his senior year. I really haven\'t heard anything about this guy since.

And Stinchcomb? Second round pick must\'ve done something to impress the Saints organization to be picked so early (to ride the pine). His brother Matt has been average and reports during and after the draft said that Jon was more athletic and was a smart player.

I still have faith in Mitchell. He and Haslett were yelling at each other in one of the last games of this season so I hope that Haslett isn\'t holding a grudge. It appears to me that this guy has heart and has athleticism but I don\'t know much about his knowledge of the game.

We\'ll see about Henderson this year I hope. And maybe Gardner (Talman not Rod- though I\'d like to see Rod in a Saints uni) will fill in for Pathon as it appears that he is gone.

Come on Cie, show us what you\'ve got!

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Mostly forgotten but not lost!!

I\'m not 100 % on this..

But I believe that Grant\'s knee is going to keep him out longer then just last year...he\'s damaged goods...
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Mostly forgotten but not lost!!

Yup, my thoughts as well, Shadow.

Though I am hopeful for him, I truly believe he is done in the NFL. I will be overjoyed if I am wrong, but....
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Mostly forgotten but not lost!!

i read from all quarters hodge is gone
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Mostly forgotten but not lost!!

I agree with ya Gumbo, I think Henderson will take Pathon\'s spot. Leslie had a reputation as a run stuffer coming out of college last year did\'nt he? I think we need to utilize him alot more this year and if not him we need a run stuffer. Clog the middle and stretch the plays out more to allow our LB\'s and DB\'s more time to pursue.
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