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Why extend Haslett's contract?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Gumbo, All great points. I just wonder about using Stecker and Deuce in passing situations too often. I feel that will take away from their runs when they are called upon. I like Stecker a lot. I guess my point ...

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Why extend Haslett's contract?

Gumbo, All great points. I just wonder about using Stecker and Deuce in passing situations too often. I feel that will take away from their runs when they are called upon. I like Stecker a lot. I guess my point is that With a tight end that could step up maybe we could elliminate over using Deuce?? What do you think?
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Why extend Haslett's contract?

WhoDat did not get it so I am gonna have fun .

It seems you think the mistakes will continue or that we will get no better as long as Haslett and co. are in charge.
Bank on it , same garbage different year . Same old story with some new faces .

Haslett is simplifying the offensive termonology and reducing the number of redudant plays. I think that will help. It makes sense to ME. I like that change.
First off I think it is Sheppard who is Simplifing the offense , and the reason for doing it would be great if it stops Brooks from making plays up in the huddle and sending Duece into the wrong hole .

Haslett is also planning to utilize Deuce more in both the runniing and passing game. I like the direction he is going there.
Deuce had about 30 % of the total offensive touches last season . 30 - 40 percent would be good for Deuce , otherwise the offense becomes one dimensional .

Mike Sheppard is going to utlize more offensive sets with Deuce and Aaron Stecker on the field together with Stecker getting more screen passess. I like the sound of that.
Great more screens . The one plays the Saints run the worst in the league .

On defense, it looks like Tebucky is gone and we\'re going to get a safety that will make some plays. I like the sound of that.
Who brought Tebucky here in the first place ??? Hasbeen picks safeties like he picks DT\'s in the draft .

On defense they changed the \"scheme\" the last 4-games and I saw the biggest improvement in years. I like the direction they are headed there.
Owners saying they play like High Schoolers might have helped too .

We will also have another number one pick this year. Most likely on defense.
Like any of the previous years defensive picks have the team ranking any higher then almost dead last at the end of the year .

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Why extend Haslett's contract?

Billy - a well-put argument. One that I ultimately disagree with, but at least you clearly delineated your opinions. That\'s more than I can say for some people.

I guess I just don\'t understand how you do it. I\'m inclined to agree with 08 here. I can certainly understand why the offseason makes a person hopeful. Thinking about what the team MAY do or what COULD be - it seems like anything is possible and that lends well to the, \"maybe this is our year\" mentality.

However, I don\'t know how you discount the past like you seem to be able to do. I mean, you\'re right, games are won in the trenches. That\'s why I was really upset to see Roaf leave, Turley leave, Wayne no-good Gandy signed, Fontenot allowed to leave. Now the line is questionable and people wonder why.

But you say that the Saints know that the line is a problem and are going to fix it. I just don\'t know what you base that opinion on other than hope. Did they fix the D-line in \'01 when they went from Glover and Johnson to Hand and I don\'t even know who out DE was. Whitehead? How about \'02, \'03, \'04? Has the D-line ever lived up? Have the Saints adequately addressed areas of needs the last 4 years? Did they shore up the LB position? S? Even CB is still a problem in terms of depth. But this year will be different b/c there are reports that the team may be interested in a RT?

I\'m not saying you\'re wrong man. Not at all. I just don\'t understand how you can come back every offseason and truly believe that this year, all the new moves that the Saints are peddling are really the right ones. Now they understand. It\'s just amazing that you have that kind of faith or ability to continue to believe. I feel fairly confident that they could go 8-8 for the next ten years and in 2015 you\'d say that you liked all of their offseason moves.

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Why extend Haslett's contract?

The thing that get me is, every year Has and his people sell us a bill of goods on all the little moves they make saying that these will get us over the edge. Yet still we thrive in mediocrity. Talk about a selling job. Still it\'s hard not to get caught up in the hype each new offseason. I know I still do after all these years. I guess the old adage is correct, \"the proof is in the pudding.\" We\'ll see if there\'s any proof starting tomorrow. Or if there\'s even any pudding at all for the Saints.

Sometimes it's better to keep your mouth shut and be thought an idiot, than to open it and remove all doubt!!!!!

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Why extend Haslett's contract?

WhoDat --

I said I liked the \"direction\" this team is headed. At least based on the reports from the Saints.

I did not say I thought we were anywhere close to being the kind of team that we need to be.

After hearing that Loomis/Haslett don\'t plan to do much in free-agency ... Well, I don\'t like the direction that is headed.
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