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Saint2 01-25-2003 09:10 AM

Modified Overtime

That's my thought on it and this is why.

1. Everytime the owners have a call that doesn't go their way they want to change the rule. (ei. Steelers) If I remember correctly in the Steelers-Falcons overtime both teams had the ball quite a few times and played a whole quarter and neither team scored.

2. What happened to shortening the games? I thought that was why they made changes to the play clock and the game clock. Sounds like the new overtime would only lengthen the games. What happens if neither team can score a touchdown and kick feild goals? (I know they are talking about fine tuning it.)

3. I thought the NFL wanted to be unique and not copy rules from other programs
(college & CFL) well sounds like they are leaning toward the college rules for

4. I like sudden death. The best ever playoff game Dolphins vs. Chargers was ended in
sudden death and I didn't hear anyone complaining.
What happened to giving your team a chance with good defense? If you stop the
other teams offense then you get the ball and a chance to win.

Just another bored, frustrated SAINTS FAN, Can't even get excited about the STUPER
BOWL wanting to vent.

nocloning 01-25-2003 02:26 PM

Modified Overtime
How many games were won by the team that got the ball first in overtime? If it was around 80% I could understand why many support the change as it really comes down to a coin toss.
a) I doubt it\'s that high
b) Even if I can understand it, I still don\'t support it. Obviously one team will have an advantage, if you change it so both offenses at least touch the ball once, the one going last knows how many points to score and has an advantage
c) All major rule changes are something to worry about. I like instant replay the way it is handled now, but I still don\'t like the 2-point-conversion (and not just because of a Vikings quarterback). Stay with what you have and simply say: \"This is professional football, kiddies. Heartbreak comes as a bonus.\" Every team that loses in overtime must have had a number of opportunities to win the game themselves. So stop whining.

If they keep the system for one more year and have 6 or 8 overtime games next season, noone is gonna feel there\'s a rush to change the rules. Rushing things - never good.

jm 01-25-2003 04:59 PM

Modified Overtime
The old World Football League back in the early 70\'s had a pretty good way to handle overtimes. After regulation if tied the game would have a Fifth quarter with 2 each
7 1/2 minute halves, treating each as if they were halves. After the 5th quarter then Sudden Death applied. This was for all regular season games but I think it may have had variations for playoffs. Also I don\'t know if any game ever made it to sudden death.

WhoDat 01-26-2003 10:15 AM

Modified Overtime
I disagree. Of every major sport - professional or college - the NFL is the only league that I know of that has a sudden death overtime. Even sports like soccer and hockey, where scores are extremely hard to come by, have shoot outs. The college football OT format is the football equivalent of a shoot out.

I mean, saying your defense should be able to stop some one in football is like saying it in any other sport. It\'s like have extra innings in baseball and if a team scores in the top of an inning the game is over b/c \"your defense should have been able to stop someone.\" That\'s ridiculous.

billyh1026 01-27-2003 09:04 PM

Modified Overtime
Here\'s an OT idea. Treat it like right after a safety. Flip a coin. Winner picks..kick or receive. Punt from the 20. Posession ends on downs or score. Then flip sides and the other team punts. This incorporates all 4 aspects of the game....kicking, receiving, offense, defense. On a relatively short field, but not so short that it gives one team and advantage over the other.

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