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WhoDat 01-28-2003 08:56 AM

Why not Delhomme?
Of the quarterbacks out on the market this off-season, Jake Delhomme looks like the best overall value to me. Sure, there are proven guys with more experience, like Plummer or Jeff George, but they're likely to cost a lot. Then there are the young guys, who are cheap but risky. The only guy I see that really seems to compare to Delhomme is Marc Bulger, who is a RFA for the Rams.

Now, the Saints will have to go out and get another quarterback if Delhomme leaves. The rumor seems to be that they would look to a veteran to come in to help Brooks and O'Sullivan along in their development. Delhomme has also said, as we all know by now, that he would love to end his career in NO, but wants a chance to start... SO

Why don't the Saints sign him and give him that shot?! No team, none at all, is going to give Delhomme a starting job on a silver platter. No matter where he goes he is going to have to earn it in Training Camp. He already knows our system, he wants to stay here, he's valuable to the team, give him that shot to start.

I know that the Saints say that Brooks is their guy, but he's coming off of a shaky second-half of the season and now shoulder surgery. We know he seemed to play better when Blake was on the sidelines looming, so challenge him. What's the worst that could happen? Either Brooks steps up and proves himself... and hopefully plays motivated all year... or he cracks under the pressure, which is not what you want in a QB anyway. On the flip side, Delhomme is given a real chance to compete. If he wins out, great, he got what he wanted. If not, then hopefully Brooks plays better and Delhomme may be one of the five best back ups in the league. Someone explain to me why the Saints wouldn't fight to keep this guy? He's young, talented, smart, loyal, and it doesn't seem to me that he'll be any more or less expensive than a veteran who we'll sign to a short-term contract. Shouldn't we want to keep this kind of young talent?

saintfan 01-28-2003 09:37 AM

Why not Delhomme?
Fair is fair, and I\'d LOVE to see the Saints keep Jake. The only problem I have with what you\'re saying is that you indicate Jake was never given a fair shot at the starting position. I\'m not sure if that\'s true, but if it is then his mistreatment goes back beyond Haz\'s tenure with the team doesn\'t it? I\'m guessing you really do believe Jake has never been given a fair oppurtunity tho, as evidenced by your saying, \"Delhomme is given a real chance to compete.\" WhoDat, it\'s time for you to get real man.

I\'m not so sure we should be too worried about Brooks\' sugery, since Jake himself has recovered from the very same injury. Aaron will be ready to roll when training camp rolls around. If Jake can win the staring job then I\'m all for it, but you\'re back to the same \'ol WhoDat when you insinuate Brooks isn\'t motivated by saying you hope he \"plays motivated all year\". Here you go again. You also insinuate that Brooks \"cracks under pressure\" which is surely not the case. He didn\'t crack when he was 20 points down in the Chicago game, or bringing the team back against Atlanta and Minnesota. Once again, you\'re looking at the big picture and doing your level best to pin it on Brooks. I\'m not buying it baby, but maybe you can sell it on the street corner.

WhoDat 01-28-2003 10:58 AM

Why not Delhomme?
It\'s not the same old argument... b/c I\'m not saying that Delhomme should start... I don\'t know why Saintfan came in here with that Brooks noise, b/c I certainly don\'t want to hear it. I am trying to talk about a BACK UP quarterback. I started another thread for the Brooks/Delhomme argument. Keep that discussion in that thread please everyone.

In any case, to me, the best value for the Saints is Delhomme. He doesn\'t have to learn the system, he\'s still relatively young, and he has potential (oops, I said that word). Ha! Anyway, the point is that I don\'t know why the Saints aren\'t trying to keep him a little harder than they seem to be trying. They seem content to let him go.

In any case, if that happens I\'d rather see a guy like Bulger come in before I\'d want to see an older veteran. I thought that the whole idea that Haslett and this organization has been pushing is building for the future. You\'ve got three young QBs, two of which are good enough to start. I know a lot of the decision whether to stay or go falls on Jake, but why wouldn\'t the Saints at least try to resign him?

WhoDat 01-28-2003 11:20 AM

Why not Delhomme?
Good point, he is a liability either way... but again, like you said, how do you let this guy get away for free. I mean, the bottom line is winning right? You try to get the best player for your money in any situation, right? Is Delhomme not the best possible back up for this team, even if the have to pay him millions? I mean, if they go out and sign some veteran he\'s gonna get millions. If they sign some unproven player then they save money, but happens if Brooks goes down? Then we\'re in real trouble.

saintfan 01-28-2003 12:10 PM

Why not Delhomme?
Ahhhhh, so much contradiction. Ain\'t it fun? You\'re absolutely right WhoDat, the Saints should do everything they can to re-sign Jake. He\'s more than just a quality backup. I, like you, believe that Jake could do well as the starter for this team.

Now, let me induldge you as to why I \"came in here with that Brooks noise\". It\'s because I see you trying to make your argument against Brooks by bolstering Jake. You\'re sneaky for sure, but I\'m on ya like a hawk buddy. I submit the following statement typed by YOU in the opening post of this thread:

\"I know that the Saints say that Brooks is their guy, but he\'s coming off of a shaky second-half of the season and now shoulder surgery.\"

Define shaky second-half. Now I\'ll agree that the injury obviously materialized in watching Brooks throw the ball, and he did make some poor passes after the injury, but he threw ONE INT in the month of December, and that was a deflected ball. He threw the game winning (and season saving) TD pass to Reed. Jake Reed dropped that ball after it hit him chest high in the hands. Just makin sure we\'re more factual here than vague.

You also typed the following in the opening post of this thread:

\"Either Brooks steps up and proves himself... and hopefully plays motivated all year... or he cracks under the pressure, which is not what you want in a QB anyway. \"

Are you saying Brooks isn\'t motivated? Are you saying he cracks under pressure? Man, like I said, I see these little things. You\'re trying to make your point in a very subtle way...clever I admit, but again, I\'m onto ya!

You say you, \" don\'t know why Saintfan came in here with that Brooks noise, b/c I certainly don\'t want to hear it.\" Well now you know why don\'t you? If you wanna talk about Jake\'s potential I\'m pretty sure I do more agreeing with you than disagreeing, but if you\'re gonna try and drag Brooks down as a means to an end to make your argument for Jake I\'m gonna bust you on it everytime.

WhoDat 01-28-2003 01:04 PM

Why not Delhomme?
Jesus Saintfan, talk about something or someone other than Aaron Brooks. Please. For the love of God. You haven\'t changed my mind in the slightest about Aaron. I doubt you\'ve done much to change anyone else\'s opinion. We know what you think about the guy, congratulations. At this point I\'m worried that you\'re so obsessed that you\'re stalking the guy. Leave it alone, nobody wants to talk about Aaron Brooks anymore and we\'ve all certainly heard your opinion. I\'m trying to talk about something else. I started two new threads today to do that and still it comes back to Brooks. I wonder if you can speak intelligently about any other topic... I haven\'t seen it so far which puts your credibility on the line when it comes to Brooks as well. Seriously man, enough. Talk about something else.

WhoDat 01-28-2003 01:12 PM

Why not Delhomme?

To answer you\'re question - yes and no. I have no idea who will be the better quarterback in the long run. I started this particular thread to talk about the Saints off-season dealings with Delhomme. I just don\'t know who they think they\'re going to sign to replace him if he goes and I wonder why they aren\'t trying harder to resign him.

As for the entire Brooks/Delhomme argument, I won\'t rehash that. Overall, I think both are quarterbacks of a higher caliber than the New Orleans Saints are used to. I fear that, as you put it, too much time, money, and energy has been invested in Brooks and now the organization is sticking with him b/c reputations are on the line. Maybe not... regardless it\'s a gamble that will either pay off big or blow up huge for Haslett.

My bottom line is this: Delhomme is young, talented, and smart. He has a lot of intangibles that make quarterbacks good, sometimes great, in this league. The type of system the Saints are running is more catered to his specific abilities than Brooks\'. That\'s it. Now, can we please move on from the Brooks/Delhomme talk once and for all?

saintfan 01-28-2003 03:25 PM

Why not Delhomme?
I\'ll move on when you get off it WhoDat. I\'m not trying to change your mind...thats pointless. Honestly I get a kick out of pointing things out to you. I don\'t think you\'re aware of some of the stuff you type. I did NOT bring Brooks into this thread...YOU did! As long as you attempt to compare one by attacking the other I\'m gonna be here to point it out to you.

WhoDat 01-28-2003 05:23 PM

Why not Delhomme?
Dude, I didn\'t take a pot-shot at your lover in any way... the things I said are true and I was using them as a hypothetical argument that the Saints could make to Jake to convince him he\'ll have a shot in New Orleans. I suggest that you print that avitar and carry it in your wallet, wall paper your house with life size Aaron Brooks pictures, and go down to the court house and change your name... I\'ll tell you what Saintfan, I\'ll meet you in the bushes outside of Brooks\' house tomorrow night... then you can show me your club house, where you and the other \"members\" pray to the Aaron Brooks shrine.

WhoDat 01-28-2003 05:24 PM

Why not Delhomme?
Gator - thanks for trying man. I knew what you were doing, I just wanted to clarify. Even when you tell this guy his golden boy is a good quarterback he complains. Thanks anyway man.

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