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saintz08 08-05-2002 12:28 AM

Trade scenario
Sorry guys gotta do it .

Here goes a scenario

We trade Brooks to the Jets , for Donnie Abraham or any corner .

Delhomme gets the start and that finally resolves the long standing debates .

The Jets become a better team for having Brooks , and this is the important part .

During the Miami scrimmage , Saints focus on Fiedler , lots of blitzes . Similar to what I am sure they are going to do to Brooks for his comments on Fiedler . Hopefully they soften Fiedler up a little .

Hopefully with Fiedler feeling his age and Ricky feeling good , Wannestadt pushes the ground game . Ricky gets the 1500 yds this season .

Then here is where it gets good , With Ricky getting the yardage our draft pick sky rockets to a first round , with us making the Jets better hopefully the Dolphin season is lousy . Giving us a potential number 1 pick .

Send Archie to talk to his son Eli , about coming out early and playing for a better team then he would normally get if he were drafted with the number 1 pick . If not grab Drew Hensen , another Michigan Qb with a rocket arm .

So to summarize : We get a starting corner , Eliminate a potential hold out or over paying him , Finally resolve a long standing debate and bring a legacy name back to New Orleans named Manning . Manning is locked up to an 8 year contract and loves playing for his childhood team .

And while Brooks does get his large contract in New York , he pays for it twice a year as the Dolphins seek to give him a little extra attention for bashing Fiedler .

Pinch me I am dreaming .... :P

Gumbo 08-05-2002 09:18 AM

Trade scenario
As much as I do not think this scenario will happen, anything to insure that Brooks does not get overpaid is good with me.

SwampDawg 08-05-2002 04:40 PM

Trade scenario
As good as that sounds it would be too good to be true. By the way, how much would too much be for Brooks to make? I don\'t think he deserves to be paid league minimum but he definitely doesn\'t need as big of a contract as he\'s asking. Just curious.

saintz08 08-05-2002 05:04 PM

Trade scenario
That scenario has been pinging at the back of my head for a week now , had to get it out .The only contingent would be the Dolphins placement . I think Ricky will try to show the world , and maybe get the 1500 yards . He has been slapped twice now , once by James and now by Deuce .

If Brooks capped out at 4- 5 million per season over the contract length , that might be fair and workable . Not the 11 million he has floating around in his head . Give him an out after 4 to renegotiate , that might sit well with his current play level .

Consider , Collins , Favre , and Johnson are all along those lines .

wcassady 08-05-2002 09:48 PM

Trade scenario
Sorry but you are dreaming. First of all, trading Brooks would be insane. For only having a year and a half under his belt, the kid has talent and will be one of the top QB\'s for many years to come. By trading Ricky they gave up the option to have a stable QB who can just hand the ball off. They need a mobile athletic QB like Brooks to run that offense - especially with an unproven Deuce. Maybe he doesn\'t deserve as much as he is asking for but to trade him would spell disaster. Secondly, there is no way the Dolphins would finish in the bottom 3 teams, which is where I believe that Eli will fall when he comes out. So even if Ricky gets that 1,500 yards, we most likely won\'t get anything higher than a 20th pick from the Dolphins. Believe me, I would love to have a Manning on the team again but I think we lost that chance when interim-coach Venturi won that one single game several years back. Lastly, even if all these unlikely things happened, Archie would never try to pursuade his boys to do anything other than what is best for them and I honestly don\'t think Archie believes that playing for the Saints would be in Eli\'s best interests. He would never say yay or nay but I\'m sure that he wants his sons to have a much better career than he ever had.

I know this is all \"what if\" but it\'s just not going to happen. Brooks is the QB of the future and the fans may as well get used to it. Besides, after he tears it up this year, a lot of fans will be changing their tunes about him.

saintz08 08-05-2002 11:30 PM

Trade scenario
That\'s correct I am dreaming , henceforth the last comment \"pinch me I am Dreaming \".The first actual reason is Eli is out to live up to his fathers legacy in Mississippi and carry on the Manning name to glory . Although Drew Hensen is no slouch either . As for Brooks and talent , about as much as Scott Mitchell had is all I give him , if he had anymore Benson would have renegotiated by now . Remember Benson is the one who locked all the parties together in one room until the Williams deal was done .If Benson and the coaching staff agreed on Brooks talent , Benson would move mountains not push him to the back of the line .

If Brooks was better at his reads , and faster on his check downs he would not have to be so mobile . This was supposed to be a west coast offense but because of these problems with Brooks , the offense has had to be redesigned . Brooks simply rolls out and scrambles so much because he relys on it to create separation and confusion in the defensive scheme .

With as many top draft picks and Pro Bowlers as there are on the offensive side of the ball , you would think a second string quarterback could run it effectively . Brooks figures he needs top dollar to run it , never considering those surrounding him may have had something to do with his success .

The Dolphins success is riding on the surgically repaired hip of Jay Fiedler , if that goes south so does their passing game . In a much improved division ,they could easily slip out of play off contention if Fiedler goes down .

If Eli was given the choice in the scenario, he might give it a strong consideration . Remember Elway would not play for Baltimore because they were a horrible team and would not waste his talents or risk injury playing for them , he was traded to Denver . Some quarterbacks take this into consideration when they are figured to be the number 1 overall selection . If given the choice of going to Cincinatti and dying a horrible quarterbacks death or coming to a play off caliber team in New Orleans he might just choose New Orleans .

Brooks will only be the quarterback of the future in New Orleans if Benson and Loomis agree he is worth it . Last I checked they were about 40 million apart .

[Edited on 6/8/2002 by saintz08]

wcassady 08-06-2002 09:41 AM

Trade scenario
Well the world needs dreamers I guess.

As far as your comparison of Brooks to Mitchell, I\'m not sure what you\'re basing that on. But I think most NFL critics would beg to differ with you.

Also if you\'re basing Brooks\' talent on the fact that Benson and his great eye for talent are refusing to ante up the money then I guess that every talented player that Benson has refused to pay was lacking as well. Fact is, Benson is cheap and tries to run his team like a used car dealership. I\'ll be glad to list all the talented names that Benson has let go for salary reasons but I\'m sure you know the list.

If you knew anything about the Mannings then you would find it highly unlikely that they woul pull an \"Elway\" and refuse to play for a team that drafted them. They are much more competitive than that and know that the draft system is there for a reason.

You seem fairly knowledgeable of football and the Saints but I think that your apparent dislike for Brooks is clouding your judgement.

saintz08 08-06-2002 10:50 AM

Trade scenario
There are those that can make dreams reality .

I do agree about the fact Eli would not pull an Elway with Baltimore scenario but if he saw a chance and the dream was already there , who is to say . He might have once had a dream to play for the same team his father did and take them to the Super Bowl .

As for Mitchell , he once appeared as the cure for a bad offense . It turned out he was not . Brooks has the potential to be a one hit wonder like Mitchell .

There is no dislike for Brooks , I just do not see the hype .

I hear how Brooks feels as though he should be paid some huge contract , and how he should not be compared to journeymen quarterbacks like Fiedler and Griese because that is an insult to him . Brooks feels as though Fiedler and Griese as quarterbacks are beneath him and he should be paid accordingly and there are those fans that support him and believe Benson should ante up .

2001 N.F.L. Quarterback rating

80.3 Jay Fiedler
78.5 Brian Griese
77.1 Kerry Collins
76.8 Charlie Batch
76.4 Aaron Brooks

The point is based upon the rating system , which is performance related . Brooks is beneath both Fiedler and Griese .

The dreamer has been found and there are those that say we need him ....

Rich 08-09-2002 06:29 AM

Trade scenario
If you\'re gonna trade Brooks, than trade him to Cincy for one of their star LBs and a pick.

Helps them as well as it helps us, but Brooks is either gonna leave via FA or sign an extension...

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