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jm 01-28-2003 02:35 PM

The Bud Clown
Has anyone seen the Bud commercial with the clown drinking a Bud?
Saw it during Super Bowl and still chuckling!

daviddrake2 01-28-2003 09:04 PM

The Bud Clown
I hate that this is my first post in 3 weeks or so, but I too think that was the best commercial of the day.

David in Houston

PSno23 01-28-2003 09:47 PM

The Bud Clown
I don\'t know, I thought the Terry Tate: Office Linebacker commercial was the best. Maybe the Saints should sign him!!

WhoDat 01-29-2003 08:45 AM

The Bud Clown
I liked the first one... the zebra watching the replay of the horses playing football. Funny.

daviddrake2 01-29-2003 08:57 AM

The Bud Clown

Just been a little busy and preoccupied with other things lately. But I have not forgotten about you guys and the valuable work you do here at the Black and Gold Institute for the Betterment of All Saints Fans.

New Orleans and the entire world is a better place because of the things you guys are doing. So, keep up the good work.

I\'ll post whenever I can.

David in Houston

saintz08 01-29-2003 11:01 AM

The Bud Clown
My vote went to the guy in the bar with the dog on his head .

I will never look at dreadlocks the same .

saintfan 01-29-2003 11:07 AM

The Bud Clown
I laughed at that one too 08, but much as I hate to do it, I\'m WhoDat...I thought that Zebra was just too funny.

saintfan 01-29-2003 11:08 AM

The Bud Clown
I mean I agree with WhoDat...don\'t wanna get that misenterprited ya know.
hehe :P

JOESAM2002 01-29-2003 01:33 PM

The Bud Clown
Well put David. Saints fans, Making the world a safer place to live. Good to have you back. :D

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