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WhoDat 01-29-2003 10:35 AM

Expect defense to stay in 4-3
Why? I think their draft position stays relatively equal... my guess is that they look for a DT, LB, or CB in the first round. Exactly which of those positions they go after depends on A) what they do in free agency b/w now and then, and B) Which players are left when we pick. This organization has, since Haslett arrived, gone after the best athlete available rather than concentrate on filling needs. My guess this year is that they\'ll focus on D, but will still look for the biggest steal.

As for the later rounds, well I\'mnot as sure. One thing that may be interesting is McGahee. He\'s a low rounder now with the injury. It might be interesting to see if the Saints consider him as a back up for Deuce. Obviously, this next year is a wash, but the year after he should be available. If nothing else he may be valuable down the line... just an idea. One they probably won\'t pursue but it does make you raise your eyebrows.

WhoDat 01-29-2003 01:03 PM

Expect defense to stay in 4-3
I think your picks look pretty good. They say that they\'re going to move Clemons back outside and stick with Hodge on the other side. That means we need a stud MLB in free agency otherwise be ready to hear James Allens name announced in the Dome before kick off. Scary.

nocloning 01-30-2003 01:01 PM

Expect defense to stay in 4-3
I still look at the MLB position as the one that needs to be addressed with priority. Preferably through free agency, bringing in a proven playmaker. However I think it\'s quite unlikely they\'ll get the person they want to. And then they have to draft a MLB.
Regarding the 4-3 defense: Was anyone predicting a change? The LB-unit was the weakest unit last season IMHO and we\'ll be lucky if we get three above average starters next season, so a change to a 3-4 never crossed my mind.

WhoDat 01-30-2003 01:08 PM

Expect defense to stay in 4-3
There was some talk of it in the media. I though the should have stood up their studs during the season last year and let the fat asses plug holes. Whitehead, for example is supposedly quick and a good pass rusher but lacks size to be affective against the run. Clemons is more of an OLB than a MLB too. Why not go with

Howard Jackson Hand
Hodge Cox Clemons Whitehead

Stand Whitehead up and let him play in space and rush from the outside where he can use his speed. Don\'t like that? Put Smith or Allen out there. It was at least worth a try.

billyh1026 01-30-2003 06:56 PM

Expect defense to stay in 4-3
Oh how I hope EJ falls to us, or we go up and snag him...and sign Terry Tate as an UFA. Dinamite duo folks!!

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