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baronm 03-07-2005 09:51 AM

THe plan..
It seems like the saint smight actually have a plan..or maybe I'm giving them too much credit.

but If I'm right this might be what they are thinking:

Mayberry was one of the better linemen out there-he is very versitile and would allow them to also look at miller..not a bad signing (not great, but not bad)

mili is a better player than our second TE and is a pretty good reciever.

stecker..though he played well last year is not a dependable back if duece gets injured...but Q-train and jordan they would be a backup plan if duece decides to sit out.

ok-not the best plan..but they are looking to make the team better.

now to finish it:

I would trade a second or a third for darius (*the jags are lookign for picks)..maybe a third this year and a second next or something...

that gives us our safety-cut T-jones...

then trade howard for a higher first giving us two first:
draft: merriman and davis--our linebackers would then be merriman (SLB), Watson (MLB), Davis (WLB) young but lotsa good potential and definitly an upgrade.

or we could play davis at safety in a pinch and darius moves to cb when we go big..or something like that.

If we keep our second: whatever linebacker is left--thurman, chowder, ruud or we go kalif barnes, britt or terry at OT and shore that up....

later we go walter/fitzpatrick/white at QB to :whip: :censored: into shape..

then with the rest of the draft we just try to draft smart and fill as many backup positions as we can.

our defense can be much improved and we can get younger on offense.

Euphoria 03-07-2005 10:07 AM

THe plan..
Call it a plan or call it doing something. Sometimes they just do what they can without a plan at all. I wouldn\'t bring a TE in but testing waters are fine if you are considering trading a TE for picks.

RB\'s I like a variety of backs with a variety of running styles, if one isn\'t getting the job done switch them out til one hits a groove.

The Saints will not get a first round for Howard. Its not going to happen. 2nd round at best and more FA goes along the more teams will pass on Howard for a second.

NOthing will be done at qb.

baronm 03-07-2005 10:14 AM

THe plan..
there will still be some quality linebackers in the second...

I\'m afraid that nothing will be done at QB and we will be 8-8 again next season.

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