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JKool 03-07-2005 06:41 PM

Wild Speculation
How about this?

Trade Howard and our #16 and next year's 2nd and 4th round picks to Chicago for Brian Urlacher and this year's #4 pick. Throw in D. Henderson if that is what it takes.

This leaves our offense in tact, with possibly the exception of our 3rd Wide position. Furthermore, we could use the 4th rounder to get DJ.

This gives us:
McKenzie - Smith - Bellamy - Brown (I'm still hoping for Dyson).
Watson - Urlacher - DJ (Backups Bockwoldt, Ruff, and Allen)
Smith - Young - Sullivan (revitalized?) - Grant


What do you guys think?

WhoDat 03-07-2005 07:01 PM

Wild Speculation
Add the return of Sammy Knight and make it Smoot not Dyson and I\'m in.

Up Front: Smith Young Green (Sully\'s a pipe dream) Grant
Linebackers: Watson Urlacher DJ
Secondary: McKenzie Smith Knight Smoot


saintswhodi 03-07-2005 07:02 PM

Wild Speculation
I think \"wild\" is putting it mildly. ;)

JKool 03-07-2005 07:06 PM

Wild Speculation
Who, sold.

Whodi, you don\'t think that is a fair offer? I thought it sounded actually a bit in the Bear\'s favor. They REALLY need help on their DLine. Or did you just mean \"ain\'t gonna happen\" (because I\'m inclined to agree with that)?

saintswhodi 03-07-2005 07:10 PM

Wild Speculation
The Bears are not gonna trade Urlacher. HE is a god in Chicago. Just not gonna happen. Don\'t get me wrong, I like it, just never in a million years will that play out. Also, Chicago already has Ogunleye and Michael Hayes or Haynes or something at DE. And that may be a bit much for Urlacher considering he has a rep as needing to play in space and can\'t shed blockers. I like it, just highly unlikely.

papz 03-07-2005 07:10 PM

Wild Speculation
Wishful thinking... Urlacher is the face of the Chicago Bears. People pay to go see this guy play. Not that I don\'t like it, but only in your dreams JKool ;)

JKool 03-07-2005 07:14 PM

Wild Speculation
Yeah. You guys are right.

Talk about value for Howard though.

I\'m beating myself with my eyes now... :bugeyes:

saintswhodi 03-07-2005 07:17 PM

Wild Speculation
Not that it was a crappy idea, cause it wasn\'t. But I think Urlacher\'s name has outgrown his actual play on the field in Chicago and we would have to give up way too much to get him. I like your aggressive thinking though. Man there is some new found vigor about the board after a few signings.

JKool 03-07-2005 07:34 PM

Wild Speculation
Ok, ok.

How about this?

Howard and our 1st rounder and our 3rd rounder to Tennessee for Keith Bulluck, Volek, their first rounder and a second rounder next year.

We use our first rounder on Hawthorne or Travis Johnson. We still get Smoot, as per Who\'s request. We grab Hartwell.

DL: Grant - T. Johnson - Young - Smith
LBs: Hartwell (yes at SLB) - Watson - Bulluck
DBs: McKenzie - Smith - Bellamy - Smoot

Commence drooling.

Sounds good to me!

papz 03-07-2005 07:40 PM

Wild Speculation
Haha JKool I like that way you keep trying... good to have ya as a Saints fan lol. But I am the bubble popper! Bulluck is the leader of that defense and they could not survive without him. Budding superstar who hits like a sack of rocks. And with McNair always talking about retiring, Volek won\'t be going anywhere. Keep on trying though! :P

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