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shadowdrinker 03-08-2005 09:05 AM

Bit on Derrick Johnson
Texas' Johnson garners attention

I got a chance to sit down with Texas linebacker Derrick Johnson, the probable first linebacker to come off the board on draft day. He was impressive, quietly confident and very knowledgeable of the defense the Longhorns ran. Derrick spoke about his ability to play all of the linebacker spots, but he also said he didn't call the defense at Texas, which could be a red flag to some coaches who believe a four-year starter should be calling the defense. Other coordinators didn't believe his lack of play calling was a negative. One 3-4 defensive coordinator thought Johnson would struggle with his ability to disengage from blockers. A 4-3 coach said, "I hope all the 3-4 guys think he doesn't fit their system, because we would love to have him play "will" linebacker for us and make 100 tackles a year." The truth is, Johnson is a productive football player and handles himself very well in person. Before April gets here, he will be a solid top 10 pick.

baronm 03-08-2005 09:28 AM

Bit on Derrick Johnson
oh how i wish we could trade howard and move up to get him then grab atleast one more linebacker in the first day..then look to get younger all over.....may my dreams come true.

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