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baronm 03-08-2005 10:49 AM

ubdated team needs

New Orleans Saints
Depth Chart

1) LB - Other than Courtney Watson in the middle they have little to write home about here

2) SS - They still could use another top player here to team with Dwight Smith

3) DT - It is not too early and we can definately write off Johnathan Sullivan as a bust

4) QB - Even if Aaron Brooks stays they need a youngster to develop behind him

5) RB - Deuce McAllister is one of the best out there but they need a top backup

1. we should go heavyhis area on the first day of the draft. Trading howard for an extra first would help alot.
2. davis would be nice-brimmer, pool would be okay
3. NO clue..hopefully sully will help us out here
4. walter, fitzpatrick both nice
5. MOATs...this kid is very underrated and would be a change of pace want to go bigger..they have that too

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