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saintz08 01-30-2003 01:04 AM

Beerman Post Card


Thursday January 30, 2003


When we got back from practice Wednesday at Aloha Stadium, we were met with a surprise. ESPN was filming a linebackers challenge-type contest at a field near our hotel. I'd seen a similar contest -- the Quarterback Challenge that Aaron Brooks participated in last year.

The linebackers challenge was interesting. They participated in a lot of drills. The drills weren't really anything I hadn't seen, but it was fast-paced and intense. There were five linebackers and two defensive ends, including the Miami Dolphins' Jason Taylor, who won the contest the previous two years.

I don't know who won, but the most impressive seemed to be Joey Porter of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

After I watched the challenge, I went sightseeing near the hotel, then I walked on the beach for a while. I plan to venture out and do more sightseeing as the week goes on.

I hadn't really reflected on just what kind of season I had personally, because I was disappointed the Saints didn't go to the playoffs. But I think it is starting to sink in.



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