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WhoDat 01-30-2003 08:52 AM

What's the deal with all the Pro-Bowl Drop Outs?
I\'m torn on this one Gator. On one hand I agree with what you\'re saying, but on the other, it\'s very hard to have an all-star game in football. In other sports it\'s all about fun, and sure you play hard, but...

With football, when you step on the field, if you don\'t go 100% your odds of getting hurt go way up. Further, even at 100% you can be injured in badly. I think it was Robert Edwards, the runningback for Miami, who, three years ago at the Pro Bowl, blew out his knee in the week before the game playing beach football. It was so bad that he was hours away from having it amputated! Look at what happened to McGahee this year. It wasn\'t an all-star game but still...

How terrible would it be if in the 4th quarter, with 12:27 remaining and the score NFL 47, AFC 3, on 2nd and 8, Deuce went of tackle for 2 yards and blew out a knee?! That\'s why a lot of players don\'t go. B/c an injury like that is always a possibility every time you\'re on the field and it\'s just not worth it for a game that doesn\'t matter.

saintz08 01-30-2003 10:01 AM

What's the deal with all the Pro-Bowl Drop Outs?
I thought both Horn and Turley have blown this game off last year ???

It does not really get the fan interest as much as it used to , guess some players wonder why take the chance .

BuffordT 01-30-2003 11:18 AM

What's the deal with all the Pro-Bowl Drop Outs?
Come on guys, it ain\'t that hard.
These guys don\'t appreciate a thing, they feel they are entitled to go to the probowl, because of who they are - unlike someone like Michael Lewis, who knows that it is truly an honor to be recognized by your peers.
I really don\'t know why they even play the game, they may as well just give them a cruise. That being said, I can\'t wait to see Ricky and Deuce!

WhoDat 01-30-2003 12:38 PM

What's the deal with all the Pro-Bowl Drop Outs?
Gator - c\'mon. An all-star game in baseball or basketball is not even close to comparing to the danger in playing in a football game, meaningless or not. It doesn\'t matter if they\'re trying to kill each other or trying to go easy. When you get 22 200 to 300 pound guys running around at speeds of 5 sec or faster in the 40, injuries can happen, and happen easily.

Should they play... probably, but fewer and fewer people care about the Pro Bowl. I don\'t care. I\'ll watch it b/c I\'m a huge football fan, but a whole lot of people just don\'t care. Think about it this way Gator: would you risk millions of dollars, your career, and your health to play in a game that most fans don\'t really care about, that doesn\'t affect your standing with your team, and that doesn\'t affect your success (in other words it\'s basically meaningless)? I probably wouldn\'t if I was one of the young guys... maybe if I was older

BuffordT 01-30-2003 04:18 PM

What's the deal with all the Pro-Bowl Drop Outs?
That\'s true Whodat, they may get injured. But again, they may get injured playing flag football on the sand (Robert Edwards?), or getting drunk and falling (Griese).
I think the NFL is going to have to do something different if they continue to see no shows. Maybe a new reality show? \"Warren Sapp and his illegitimates\" or \"Barrett Robbins: Prozac and Quervo -Live\" or \"Randy Moss - Driving Education 101\" The possiblities are endless

Saintuary 01-30-2003 05:55 PM

What's the deal with all the Pro-Bowl Drop Outs?
If you win the SB you probably would not mind participating in the Pro Bowl just to NAnananana. But this game is losing it\'s glamore. I only wonder how many Raiders will participate? The potential of a career ending injury or any type of injury is just not worth it. Hell, with the money they make all of the NFL players could LIVE in Hawaii if they wanted to.

saintz08 01-30-2003 06:15 PM

What's the deal with all the Pro-Bowl Drop Outs?
I almost wonder if Free Agency has not taken Pride and Honor for a player off the football field .

It almost seems now you play for the big contract and see how long you can keep them coming .

Saintuary 01-31-2003 09:03 AM

What's the deal with all the Pro-Bowl Drop Outs?
I think players have realized that the game is simply a meat market. So they (players) get as much as they can and as quickly as possible. They know, the owners , coaches and fans don\'t really care about the well being of the gladiator, therefore, a kissoff attitude is obtained. If you can do better, come on the field and you risk never walking again, I\'ll pay you well.

Saintuary 01-31-2003 09:30 AM

What's the deal with all the Pro-Bowl Drop Outs?
I\'ll go with Cinderfella Lewis. Our own Mighty Mouse. Now this guy will enjoy being at the Pro Bowl. He (fortunately)plays for the game of it. There remain a few gut, glory and honor players out there, but not many. It\'s a business. Pretty soon, Pop Warner kids will want a contract before hitting the field to entertain their parents.

Saintuary 01-31-2003 11:44 AM

What's the deal with all the Pro-Bowl Drop Outs?
I liked Duece as well. I am and will be concerned about Deuces health. Well, not really his health but someone to give him a break without the train osing steam. What we currently have is just not cutting the mustard. If we don\'t get someone, his health will be a concern for us all. It is asking a bit much of him.

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