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saintswhodi 03-14-2005 10:49 AM

SaintsInsider breaks down the startilng O-line.

Saints Offensive Line Break Down
By Brian Ethridge
Date: Mar 11, 2005

Last year the New Orleans Saints offensive line paved the way for 1606 yards plus 15 touchdowns on the ground and they gave Aaron Brooks enough time in the pocket to throw for 3810 yards and 21 touchdowns. With the addition of Pro-Bowl offensive tackle Jermane Mayberry those numbers should improve. Here is a detailed look at what the offensive line might look like when 2005 season begins.

The key to every great offense is a great offensive line, starting with the center. Luckily for the Saints they have a great one in LeCharles Bentley (6 foot 2, 313 pounds). He proved to be very versatile playing his first 2 seasons at right guard. Bentley, who is only 25 years of age, gives Saints fans someone they can look forward to watching play for many years to come, if he can stay healthy.

The Saints have a proven group of athletes at guard starting with right guard Montrae Holland. The 6 foot 2, 322 pound guard started all of last year and at just 24 years of age he's still improving. At left guard is veteran Kendyl Jacox (6 foot 2, 325 pounds). He has started at left guard for the Saints since 2002. The Saints also have very solid back-ups at guard including veterans Spencer Folau (6 foot 5, 310 pounds) and Jamar Nesbit (6 foot 4, 328 pounds).

The tackle position figures to be a strong point for the Saints in 2005 despite apparently opting not to re-sign unrestricted free agent Victor Riley. At left tackle veteran Wayne Gandy (6 foot 4, 315 pounds) is expected to start. He has proved to be a great player for the Saints however at 34 if he starts to show signs of aging don't be surprised if the young but very talented Jon Stinchcomb (6 foot 5, 315 pounds) takes over for Gandy.

At right tackle will be the newly acquired veteran Jermane Mayberry (6 foot 4, 325 pounds). Some people believe the Saints should play the former Pro Bowler at guard but he has starting experience everywhere on the offensive line except center. Mayberry also has an abundance of post season experience including Super Bowl XXXIX.

Projected 2005 starting Offensive Line

LT: Wayne Gandy
LG: Kendyl Jacox
C: LeCharles Bentley
RG: Montrae Holland
RT: Jermane Mayberry

Euphoria 03-14-2005 11:39 AM

SaintsInsider breaks down the startilng O-line.
LOL you can tell he wrote that just by looking at stats and not how many sacks/stuffs our OL gave up, nor did he see any of the games.

JKool 03-14-2005 01:34 PM

SaintsInsider breaks down the startilng O-line.
Yeah, I read that article last night, and I thought - hunh? Look, I don\'t think Gandy was near as bad as people have been making out (I was in this crowd too, until I calmed down). However, this line does not inspire confidence.

I think that Bentley will be great at the Center position, but that isn\'t based on a whole lot of evidence. Gandy will continue to be serviceable against all except the elite ends. Holland and Jacox are no better than serviceable on the upside, but IMO Holland is still on the upward learning curve - he could turn into a beast (COULD). Mayberry is a guard, not a tackle. While I hope he\'ll turn out to be great, I expect merely good, and still he can\'t be worse than \"1st and 15 Riley\", can he?

That is not inspiring confidence in me. Here is something that I have some hope for, but no great evidence. We get a LB in the Howard trade, then we take Brown in the first round -

LT - Gandy
LG - Holland
C - Bentley
RG - Mayberry
RT - Brown

That sounds not too shabby to me. With the possibility of Stinchcomb stepping up, and Nesbitt and Jacox as backups, we\'re not in bad shape then.

FireVenturi 03-14-2005 01:39 PM

SaintsInsider breaks down the startilng O-line.
Hey J, that would be a much better O-line than that other dude wrote about. Mayberry scares me at RT, but would be great at G.

JKool 03-14-2005 01:41 PM

SaintsInsider breaks down the startilng O-line.
Yeah, I\'m with you FV. I hope I\'m wrong about Mayberry, since the FO keeps calling the guy an RT (he has like 4 starts at OT... I don\'t remember the details on that though, so I may be wrong). Perhaps, it is merely a diversion to taking an OT in the first round?

papz 03-14-2005 02:03 PM

SaintsInsider breaks down the startilng O-line.
I find it funny how some of you people dog our guards. Jacox and Holland has proved to be more than serviceable. Do some of you not realize the kind of numbers Deuce put up with the same line the year before this and the year before that?

LT - Gandy, Stinchcomb (his year to step up)
LG - Jacox, Nesbit
C - Bentley, Chad S. (NFL Europe... not a bad player)
RG - Holland, Folau
RT - Mayberry, Folau

Once we are get back to our smash mouth football this year and Deuce puts up his big numbers, I bet some people will be eating their words about Jacox and Holland.

spkb25 03-14-2005 03:52 PM

SaintsInsider breaks down the startilng O-line.
jkool i like your projected starters. would love to get brown and move mayberry inside. im pretty sure the eagles picked mayberry up in the first round. i am also pretty sure being from south jersey and my family being eagles fans, that he struggled at tackle that year. i guess that could be expected for almost any o linman at tackle their first year. i\'d like to see brown but if not then i hope mayberry is a stud.

LKelley67 03-14-2005 04:06 PM

SaintsInsider breaks down the startilng O-line.
definitely can do without saints insider breaking down the o-line... they broke down enough on their own.

spkb25 03-14-2005 04:11 PM

SaintsInsider breaks down the startilng O-line.
thats funny kelley

FireVenturi 03-14-2005 04:27 PM

SaintsInsider breaks down the startilng O-line.
Jacox is a good backup and that is all. I like holland though. Stinch will always be a backup!Mayberry is good at G. I was not impressed with Gandy, we need to draft a T early or we are still in trouble.

spkb25 03-14-2005 04:30 PM

SaintsInsider breaks down the startilng O-line.
fire i still see gandy as a starter this year if need be. i dont think he is terrible. but i would love brown.

FireVenturi 03-14-2005 04:32 PM

SaintsInsider breaks down the startilng O-line.
I agree sp i think he will be the starter, but he just does not impress me. he will be the starter cause we have no choice!

spkb25 03-14-2005 04:42 PM

SaintsInsider breaks down the startilng O-line.
well no your right. i think he is a solid starter this year but thats about it. he isnt going to do much for us and he isnt getting any younger. we need to replace him. if we have to go into the year with him i wont cry but i wouldnt mind us getting an upgrade. plus you pick brown up this year and next year he has this year under him. but even with brown we may have to play gandy one more year because i\'d like to move mayberry inside. im not sure he can start at tackle. the question if we pick up brown is who is better at tackle gandy or mayberry. i really dont think thier looking at brown. i think their happy with mayberry and gandy. hope im wrong. we have the chance to get a possible great tackle and i dont think were going to go after him

spkb25 03-14-2005 04:45 PM

SaintsInsider breaks down the startilng O-line.
i think that the inner part of our o line was good last year without mayberry. but our real problem was at tackle. more with riley but on both sides. maybe we can start mayberry there and then pick up brown and keep gandy as a reserve. im just not sold on mayberry as a tackle yet

JKool 03-14-2005 08:18 PM

SaintsInsider breaks down the startilng O-line.
The year before last our guards were Bentley and Jacox (and Holland filled in for awhile); not Jacox and Holland. Fontenot was center. This year our running game sucked - it wasn\'t just Riley\'s fault.

I like Jacox and Holland, I think they\'re serviceable. Like I said, I think Holland can still get better. I\'d like to be wrong about Jacox, but I just can\'t help but feel he isn\'t getting better - he\'s staying the same. He is by no means bad.

I\'m still unconvinced about Mayberry (thanks for the thoughts spkb). Moving him inside would be to move him to his strength - that isn\'t a knock against Holland or Jacox, but neither of them have been to the pro-bowl at G, and Mayberry has (if I recall correctly).

TayTay 03-14-2005 08:29 PM

SaintsInsider breaks down the startilng O-line.
I agree w/ JKool. I\'m not conviced mayberrycan play tackle. He has virtually no experince. He does at guard. Draft Brown and move Mayberry were he can be a pro-bowler.

FireVenturi 03-15-2005 12:18 AM

SaintsInsider breaks down the startilng O-line.
It is settled then we are movin\' Mayberry to Guard

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