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saintz08 08-06-2002 01:29 AM

Madden / Michaels
Not sold on this Monday night tandem yet . Madden still drifts , I was hoping Michaels would keep him focused . Are they going for a third commentator later ??

Cassady37 08-06-2002 04:25 PM

Madden / Michaels
STOP THE PRESSES!!!! Cassady37 and Saints08 finally agree on something!!!! Ha! Just messing with ya man! I agree that Madden drifts a lot and they probably need to come up with someone a little more colorful for the third slot. I actually liked Dennis Miller after he got into the groove of things but I guess the average joe who watched football didn\'t get half of his obscure references. I like Dan Fouts also. But who ever told Eric Dickerson he had ANY commentating talent whatsoever???? Man that was painful watching him with his \"expert\" opinion on everything! My vote is for Dan Fouts.

saintz08 08-06-2002 05:44 PM

Madden / Michaels
Could you imagine , Dan Fouts , Dennis Miller and Jillian Barbeery {The gal from fox A.M. on Sun } Her shots at Howie are funny .

I wonder if they are ever going to put a woman in the booth ?

Have they before ??

whodatsaintsfan26 08-06-2002 09:49 PM

Madden / Michaels
I think Micheals and Madden will be fine. Madden will get used to the fact that he is not with Summarall anymore and cant ramble on about things forever because Micheals will cut him off. I think once they gell it will be a good booth. I still dont think it will have the effect that the network thinks it will. I have never watched a game because of the person doing play by play. If the game sucks I dont care to watch it even if Cosell came back from the dead to do color.

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