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o1higuy 03-16-2005 01:07 PM

Dat Trade
Another message board post.

Howard a Cowboy

This brings us to the current trade between the Cowboys and the Saints. From speaking with several people within the Cowboys camp we can now tell you that a trade is indeed in place. We can tell you that the trade infact includes sending the Saints the Cowboys 2005 2nd round pick and MLB Dat Nguyen. Despite previous reports, we can now validate that Dat Nguyen is back on the table and will be traded. Nguyen is in route to New Orleans tonight to take his physical. The Paperwork for the trade is being finalized; moreover, the trade will be sent out for final approval by the league. The Cowboys will be shelling out some big bucks for the newly acquired Darren Howard.

Howard is expected to be paid $15 million in signing bonuses and will be with the Cowboys for 6 yrs for $33 million.

Both Teams fill immediate needs. The Cowboys gain a true pass rusher they haven’t had since the 90s with Charles Haley and the Saints gain an impact MLB, with solid production.

bayouking318 03-16-2005 01:09 PM

Dat Trade
:weepy: happy & sad

BreesFN9 03-16-2005 01:11 PM

Dat Trade
Well Done!

papz 03-16-2005 01:12 PM

Dat Trade
Good trade for us... I\'m satisified. Solid MLB and with Watson playing OLB with Colby, we should be much improved. I always felt Watson didn\'t have the instincts to play MLB and was better suited outside. Sad to see Howard go but Smith will be a 10 sack guy easily.

BreesFN9 03-16-2005 01:19 PM

Dat Trade
When this trade is official, If Dallas does go after Sharper of Houston, They will be Lethal on that side of the ball! Sharper came from a 3-4 defense scheme in Houst and Parcell\'s is sold that that\'s what he wants to run in Dallas this year. Wouldn\'t it be Ironic if these 2 teams met in the post season this year!

Danno 03-16-2005 01:26 PM

Dat Trade

I always felt Watson didn\'t have the instincts to play MLB and was better suited outside.
Why would you think this? He has never played anything but MLB his whole career (I think, but I could be wrong, again).
He is probably the smartest, most instinctual LB the Haslet Regime has ever ever had.
The bigger question is can he play OLB as well as he plays MLB.
I agree he has all the tools to succeed outside, but I wouldn\'t hesitate for 1 second to leave him inside, where he has all the tools necessary to succeed.

o1higuy 03-16-2005 01:34 PM

Dat Trade
I think this will be a pretty solid crew with options. We should now have three good athletes Watson, Colby, and Ngyuen. They should be a very versitile crew. I agree that Watson does have the tools for the middle though. I think he has proven that already.

papz 03-16-2005 01:37 PM

Dat Trade
Kind of funny, I thought he looked lost a lot last year in the middle. Maybe it was because he was a rookie learning a new scheme, or maybe he isn\'t suited for the middle. Doesn\'t matter now, he\'s going to move outside if Dat\'s here. I\'m not doubting his athletic abilities, just I personally feel he is better out there.

Darrin Smith was probably the smartest linebacker in Haslett\'s regime as headcoach. He was just getting old. Courtney comes from Notre Dame so I know he\'s not dumb either.

[Edited on 16/3/2005 by papz]

baronm 03-16-2005 01:57 PM

Dat Trade
you know-thats a good point-you can\'t just be a good athlete and go to notre dame...funny the same thing with utah..interesting.

I still would upgrade the linebacking corps in the draft, htough.

WhoDat 03-16-2005 01:58 PM

Dat Trade
Well - looks like all the screaming fans got what they wanted.

My take is that this is a good move, if it is true. Nguyen and a 2nd is good value and clears cap room. If the Saints can sign a DT then I might just get really excited.

Even without it, if the Saints can complete FA with a MLB, RT, FS, and TE, and no major losses other than Tebucky... I\'m happy. In fact, I might call it the best Saints offseason since the Haslett regime got here. A DT and/or any two of OT, DT, LB, CB, S, or QB in the first two rounds of the draft and I\'m stoked. Good job Saints... for once. :)

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