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Danno 03-16-2005 04:28 PM

Down by contact reviewable???
These guys are absolute idiots.


NEW YORK -- The NFL is considering expanding instant replay to cover "down by contact" plays that previously were not included in reviews.
Atlanta general manager Rich McKay, chairman of the league's competition committee, said Wednesday the change will be considered next week in Maui at the annual league meetings.
In the past, replay has not applied to plays ruled dead because an official has blown a whistle calling the runner down.
"Those plays have been misunderstood," he said. "What we're considering would allow for a recovery if replay shows the ball came out before the play was down -- even if the whistle has blown."
So I guess if the whistle blows you'd better keep on playing.

If the whistle blows, its a dead ball. The last team to have possession when the whistle blows keeps the ball. Its the same as an inadvertant whistle. Can they be this ignorant?

I must assume they just didn't explain their position correctly.

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