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bignic26 03-17-2005 10:39 AM

Draft Needs...
Along with alot of us poor Saints fans I feel that our top three needs are: a playmaking linebacker, be it inside or outside, an animal for a DT, and finally the need that we've been needing for the past decade, a big time, top flight, dare I say, Deionesque corner back. Looking at the players that are expected to be there for us in the first round, it looks as though there won't be a viable option at LB. Then you look at maybe one DT (Travis Johnson) worth the pick. Or course my top two CBs (Pac Man Jones, Rolle) will be gone by 16. Maybe Carlos Rogers falls to us. After him there are a handful of CBs that grade about the same and none really worthy of the 16. So when you really look at it, we have two real prospects that might be there for us that would fill a need. Then we have to take into consideration the fact that our FO will NEVER draft a LB or CB in the first round. So it's clear to me that once again we will not use the first rounder to fill a glaring need. I have to put my faith in the FO though. I know that aren't going to reach for needs. Instead, they will try to draft the best player on the board. It would be nice if big Alex Barron was still there but that's a pipe dream. :( :(

LKelley67 03-17-2005 01:35 PM

Draft Needs...
imo a slim chance pacman could be around, rogers more so. travis johnson is about right in there, could go higher or lower a bit. my big hope is that jammal brown could slip and then have a young and legitimate ot for many years. by draft day khalif barnes will probably rate close to #16 too which wouldn\'t be bad. i think i the bpa philosophy on the first round is good for anyone dropping significantly enough (like a deuce or smith). i do not think they are against need if it the player happens to rate. this could be the case with johnson or rogers.

baronm 03-17-2005 03:45 PM

Draft Needs...
barrett ruud, luis casitllo and adam terry/wesley britt--in that order.

we need character and IQ more than anything else and those players bring it along with filling a position of need.

THe more I read on Ruud the more sold I am on him.

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