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bignic26 03-17-2005 07:40 PM

Give Me a LB or Give Me Death
We really need someone who can get to the QB from the edge. Look at the roster and you might notice that we don't have a single LB who could be mistaken for a pass rusher. Alot of people seem to think that Colby "Is This the Best We Got" Bockwoldt is going to step in and be an All Pro. I hate to break it to ya'll but he's not the answer. He's just another solid LB who won't change games with his ability. Will he be that much better than D.Rodgers or S.Hodge? No, not now and maybe not ever.

I think that at some point during the first day we're going to have some B+ to A- outside backers staring right at us. After seeing Shawne Merriman's workout numbers and hearing what scouts are saying about that freak, it's possible he could go before #16. That's not such a bold statement when you look at all the 3-4 teams ahead of us. If he's still there I think it would be a reach for the Saints to pick him though. He really wouldn't fit into our scheme, but hell, it would be fun to see him, Grant and the Fresh Prince get after the QB. He's more of a DE IMO though. I don't think his hips are fluid enough to play in space on a regular basis. He'll probably never be able to match up with NFL RBs in coverage. Don't get me wrong he's super fast for his size, but his change of direction ability isn't that great. He has a superb skill set for a 3-4 defense but where could he fit in with us? I think that if for some reason the Saints did end up with this monster Haslett would find a way to get him on the field. The reason I say this is because the kid reminds me alot of John Abraham except bigger, stronger, almost as fast and not a panzy. To hell with a scheme! This is the type of player you design a scheme around!!!

I'm going to go ahead and say it now so remember this: Darryl Blackstock will have 10+ sacks his rookie year (in any system) and he'll average about 13.5 for the next five years. In laymen's terms, the guy is a freakin Sack Machine. Yes he's raw. Yes he can't cover or play the run...yet. With the proper coaching he could become more of a complete LB. But for now he does one thing and he does it better than any other LB coming out. He puts pressure on the QB. If we had him on the field with no other responsibilty but to rush every play, with our DEs he would be dominate. The rest of the football techniques like playing the run and coverage would come later. Before I go to bed every night I ask God for two things, that He keep my family safe and that He let Darryl Blackstock slide to us in round 2 !!!

Saints4Life 03-17-2005 08:26 PM

Give Me a LB or Give Me Death
Amen brother

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