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bignic26 03-18-2005 12:13 AM

Let's Talk Offense
Most of the talk concerning the draft and free agency is about which players we need to make the defense better. Everyone knows that we need alot of help on that side of the ball, but I want to hear some thoughts on some players or strategy that could help out our offense.

The last couple of years I felt like I was taking crazy pills watching our offense. I mean my God, when you look at the O on paper it looks like one of the most electric set of skill players ever assembled. The depth chart has speed on top of speed, great balance and superb depth. On paper there appears to be so many threats, so many options, and so many possibilities. You see a dual threat QB, a do-it-all RB, a track team for a WR corps, quality at TE, and a solid, deep OL unit. Seeing the depth chart makes you wonder who will be able to stop this Black and Gold Machine? What defense has enough talent to contain all of these threats?

Then reality rears it's ugly head when the season starts and we get to watch the "Machine" actually play. We get to watch all of those playmakers underachieve week in and week out. We get to see some of the worst play calling in the NFL. Instead of enjoying the games we spend them puzzling over absurd gameplans and blatent misuse of talent. Am I alone in my quest to find the reason behind what is keeping this powerful collection of talent from scoring 50+ a week? They should be lighting up the scoreboard like me when I play my 7 year old cousin in Madden!!!

IMO the number one problem with the O is not the coaching(although it's bad) it's not the O-line (although it's shaky at best) and it's not the receivers (although they see more balls bouncing off their hands than Michael Jackson at a Neverland pajama party). All the blame should fall on the shoulders of Aaron "It's my INT and I'll Smile if I want To" Brooks. He always talks about how good his stats look. Well his stats might look good to somebody who has never watched him play, but for those of us who watch him throw bonehead pass after bonehead pass, his stats don't mean jack. I wish they kept a stat for QBs that kept up with the number of times they threw a pass that defied logic. Brooks would lead the league in the passes thrown for no logical reason catergory. I swear, sometimes he throws balls right to the other team, right to them, like it's on purpose. Then he walks off the field smiling and laughing, saying to himself "I just threw a pick and I cost us the game but I'm still getting paid so who cares". Ever see Brett Favre come off the field laughing after throwing a INT? Hell no.

The QB is supposed to be the leader of the team, both offense and defense. He is supposed to be the captain and a player that everybody respects. That's what's wrong with the Saints. They have guys like him and Joe Horn in leadership roles. Who the hell would respect must less follow those two clowns? Our team will begin to turn around when the FO starts getting more players who carry themselves with class instead of collecting overgrown children who only worry about stats and money!!!

qball316 03-18-2005 01:14 AM

Let's Talk Offense
Here is my rundown:
QB - we need to start looking seriously for ABs successor so that he is ready for when ABs contract REALLY starts costing us.
RB - Duece is great, will be even better when we get some tackles (see OT). We just need a solid backup, Stcker was decent. And keep Karney, he is gonna be a probowler.
WR - think we are set, Dante needs to work on his hands.
TE - Glad we got Shad, Boo needs to go, since he got paid he dropped off tremendously.
C - Bentley is the man....wouldn\'t want anyone else in the league.
G - Solid group there.
OT - NEED HELP NOW, Duece was effective up the middle and struggled on the outside. Yes, he slowed from weight gained but our tackles have never been able run horizontally to run a good screen.

shadowdrinker 03-18-2005 02:13 AM

Let's Talk Offense
We\'ve allready made two major signings on the Offensive side of the ball..

Not to mention, the firing of Mc Carthy

It should be a better tuned Offense next year...

i think I read that they were going to simplify alot of the plays..and adjust the playcalling at a better rate than was previously implmented...

It will be good...having a simplified offense makes audibles much easier to pull off..and, you won\'t be so afraid to use audibles..if you feel like your team can adjust accordingly...

Plus..the additions of Mayberry and Shad will undoubtedly give us a serious lift in blocking...simply out of depth..even if they\'re not starter quality..they will play some relief work..and every little bit helps...

Saint_LB 03-18-2005 04:55 AM

Let's Talk Offense

Ever see Brett Favre come off the field laughing after throwing a INT?
Actually, I have seen him smile after a pick...but I get what you\'re saying, and I have grown weary of AB and the roller-coaster ride he puts you on.

SaintFanInATLHELL 03-18-2005 05:26 AM

Let's Talk Offense
Well I guess the streak is over.

The forum had actually gone two to three weeks without one of these.

I\'m going to be smart, like Whodi, and stay out of it.


CHACHING 03-18-2005 05:59 AM

Let's Talk Offense
Brooks..Brooks..Brooks....why don\'t ya\'ll stall him out.............Lets see how he does without Mc nuggets and then start the guys are like a broken record....... :casstet:

Saint_LB 03-18-2005 06:15 AM

Let's Talk Offense

Brooks..Brooks..Brooks....why don\'t ya\'ll stall him out.............Lets see how he does without Mc nuggets and then start the guys are like a broken record....... :casstet:
LMFAO....just when you guys thought you had everything under control.... :D

xan 03-18-2005 08:17 AM

Let's Talk Offense
What\'s the Alcoholics Anonamous prayer?

\"Please Lord, give me the strength to change what I can, the patience to accept what I can\'t, and the wisdom to know the difference.\"

That sums up about 2 years of Brooks threads. Not gonna change. Give it up. Either be or don\'t be a Saints fan. If you will be a Saints fan, pray for a miracle.

bignic26 03-18-2005 08:21 AM

Let's Talk Offense
Sorry about that. I\'m new to the board and I\'ve never said my piece about Brooks. I\'ve got it out now and I\'m ready to move one.

JKool 03-18-2005 09:39 AM

Let's Talk Offense

First, welcome to the board.

Second, please feel free to share your ideas on anything you like, including Brooks. In this case, you\'re not going to get much of a reply, due to the debacle that followed such a discussion a mere few weeks ago. Other times, it may start an intelligent discussion.

Third, if you\'d like some history on this dispute, you merely need to scan back a few pages in BnG history, and you can read all about it. There have been many good arguments offered. Several thread cover most of the pros and cons of Brooks. In the end, there are roughly positions: (1) get rid of him, no matter what (there is almost no one here), (2) get rid of him provided we get some benefit (almost everyone is here, except some disagree on what benefit we should demand before we dump him - e.g. a quality replacement, a MLB, draft picks, cap space, etc.), and (3) keep him, no matter what (there is almost no one here).

Fourth, kudos to the regulars for merely letting this one skip by; I read it last night, and lets just say I was a bit affraid to look at it this morning.

Again, welcome bignic.

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