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LKelley67 03-18-2005 11:51 PM

.17 Sweet Sixteen
little woman in bed early tonight, a few gin & tonics thrown back, what better way to indulge in a little buzz LOL... with trades to boot.

1. SF- Alex Smith, he passes Rodgers with what is called the best pro day workout since troy aikman. i'd go braylon edwards but a qb makes a big spalsh and fits the bill for rebuilding.

2. MIA- Ronnie Brown, my surest pick of the top ten is they take him or Benson.

3. CLEV- Braylon Edwards, the BPA pick, high impact, a qb later

4. CHI- Cedric Benson, word is they love him. Grossman, Moose, add Benson and this offense might come to life.

5. TB- Cadillac Williams, a lovefest with Gruden even though Clayton is politicking for Williams

6. TN- Trade #6 for SD #12, #124. & #135. SD takes Mike Williams. If ya want DJ or Williams TN will gladly trade. they want to so much they even give up a little value to SD who is a proven draft day wheeler dealer. (No trade TN goes Rolle to replace Rolle)

7. MIN- Derrick Johnson, the trade makes up their mind between DJ or Williams. Vikings overhaul towards defensive power continues.

8. ARZ- Trade #8 for GB #24, #51, #58. GB takes Aaron Rodgers. Green wanted RB's are gone. Another known draft day trading team. Green Bay hails Farve succesor. Pick values line up just right. (No trade ARZ picks DJ or Rolle)

9. WASH- Antrell Rolle, pleasant surprise for Gibbs. Replaces Smoot and might be better.

10. DET- Pacman Jones, whoever Lions have pegged as best defensive player on board, nice team with Bly on other side.

11. DAL- Carlos Rogers, getting Howard makes this the pick over a de.

12. SD- trade from #6, TN takes Justin Miller, not far down from Rolle to pickup two more picks

13. HOU- Erasmus James, Barron a strong possibility, pass rush needed and they have first choice of the liter.

14. CARO- Alex Barron, considering a wideout or TE Miller but Barron too good to pass on here.

15. KC- Marcus Spears, another who is the best defensive player on the board pick.

16. NO- Jammal Brown, the gods smile on Nawlins. Mayberry goes inside. Brown starts then goes to LT in '06.

FireVenturi 03-19-2005 12:20 PM

.17 Sweet Sixteen
I sure like our pick....i do think Brown will be available at 16

nola_swammi 03-19-2005 02:13 PM

.17 Sweet Sixteen
I like your mock but for alex Barron to fall down so close to our hands turns my stomach. That being said i can see all of your prediction :thumbup:

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