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saintsfan1313 03-20-2005 02:28 PM

Just some stuff on Mayberry......
I keep hearing how no one is confident in Mayberry playing tackle. I have known this guy for years, played ball with him in Kingsville when he was in college. One of the smartest football players I've met. Even in college, if there was an injury on the line, he was the one they asked to step in and make up for it. The kid has a huge knowledge for the game. The kid has experience in colllege and the NFL at numerous positions. It seems like everyone would be more confident in Joe playing WR and CB as opposed to Mayberry playing guard and tackle. This guy WILL take care of business at tackle. I know plenty of ball players out of A&M Kingsville, they produce strong and smart lineman. I know hes not young, but he relies on his knowledge of the game and knowledge of the postions to overcome that. Mark my words, he will be our answer at RT if giving the opportunity......

JKool 03-20-2005 02:36 PM

Just some stuff on Mayberry......
Good to hear 1313!

I thought the knock on him was agility and ability to make blocks out in space? Sounds like he is smart guy with good experience and tenacity; I like that. Do you have any insight into whether or not he can handle the speed rushers on the edge? If I heard about that, my confidence would increase greatly.

saintsfan1313 03-20-2005 03:09 PM

Just some stuff on Mayberry......
Heres a lil more about the guy.......

He actually played LT at TAMUK and was a 2 time LSC pick and Division II All-America pick at that postion. Came into training camp in 99 as the starting RTand learned that postion and then at injury forced him back to RG. He was the starter at LT in 97 and was the only offensive lineman to play every snap. He has the experience and knowledge at both tackle postions. One of the things I have heard from talking to Juan Castillo (Eagles Asst. and ex TAMUK alum) is that he likes to build a strong relationship with the rest of his line and work more so as a team to provide superior blocking on the outside passrush as a whole as opposed to each lineman separatly. Teamwork, something we dont hear much from the Saints. Smart guy as well, owns his own business in Austin. This guy actually worked at the library in school his freshman year to pay for his tuition, didnt get scholarship until sophmore year. One thing i have always known about him is his drive, the guy gives 115% always, same amount, whether it was when he was paying for his own school or being in the Pro-Bowl. This is a huge pickup and everyone will see that next year.

natedogg02 03-20-2005 03:14 PM

Just some stuff on Mayberry......
I\'d kidda be more worried about left tackle. Lets face it Gandy had all kinds of holding penelties, false starts and had all kinds of trouble against Rice, and most of the speed guys come from his side. is Stinchomb be the answer? (i have my doubts). I\'m just glad he dont have to face pepers to.

JKool 03-20-2005 03:29 PM

Just some stuff on Mayberry......
1313, thanks for the info. I\'m beginning to feel much better about him.

Natedogg, I was also very concerned about Gandy at the start of the offseason. I\'ve come to the view that he is serviceable, but I\'m not sure why. Is there some way we can find out the number of penalties Gandy took? I thought he had a lot too, but it seems to me that it was really more Riley that had the bulk of those penalties.

Gandy certainly did have trouble with Rice. We\'re definitely going to have to game plan differently for our games against him. Keep a back in, I imagine. Gandy didn\'t seem to have that much trouble with most other ends though - it was Rice\'s speed that really did him in. Thankfully there aren\'t many Rice\'s speed off the end about the league, and it seems to me that there were few teams that were really able to contain Rice - so it isn\'t like Gandy isn\'t in good company with those who were schooled by Rice, is it?

spkb25 03-20-2005 03:51 PM

Just some stuff on Mayberry......
good post bro and i liked that he likes to get close with the other linemen. we could use that for sure

natedogg02 03-20-2005 04:00 PM

Just some stuff on Mayberry......
yes Rilley did have the bulk of false starts, and im glad they relized that was a problem but Gandy did have alot of holding calls. Overall he is a solid player and Rice is pretty much unstopable, but he\'s not getting any younger and what if one of them knee injury\'s he plays with become\'s more serious. If i remember right when he went down that one game Brooks got sacked like 5 times.

spkb25 03-20-2005 04:41 PM

Just some stuff on Mayberry......
natedog your right. we need to upgrade that position. i think were ok this year but im not sure about next. would you pick up brown with your first rounder. if not would you pick up alex barron in the 2nd if he lasted which im not sure he would

BreesFN9 03-20-2005 04:41 PM

Just some stuff on Mayberry......
Actually it was 7 sacks and Rice did have half of them! But it\'s not like I remember that game..... :mad:

LKelley67 03-20-2005 11:09 PM

Just some stuff on Mayberry......
yup, sounds like a good guy. i still would feel a lot better with jammal brown or khalif barnes on board though. gandy is sposed to be a good guy too but his age was sure showing last year. they don\'t get younger n faster. mayberry isn\'t far behind him.

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