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shadowdrinker 03-20-2005 08:14 PM

Mickey Spagnola...Interview about Darren Howard, and what's

Has a few things on the Howard need realplayer to hear it...

Apparantly, And I have read this elsewhere too, The Saints are willing to let Howard go for only 1 Second round pick...And the Cowboys and Saints STILL haven't agreed..

I think it's time they shop him around a little harder...Only a 2nd round pick isn't fair at all...Unless they are holding on till the Draft to see if they can get a little more...I would just forget Dallas...

There will be MANY teams ready to deal if we shop him around more...Lots of teams need a Pro Bowl type DE...One that's still young enough to sign long term, and play well for many years...

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baronm 03-20-2005 08:23 PM

Mickey Spagnola...Interview about Darren Howard, and what's
would you be so kind as to tell us what was said...i don\'t have realplayer.
I\'m kinda looking at the minnesota aspect-their 7 and 18 are both better than what the cowboys can offer..and we could get 2 line backers in the first

I would like to trade him to the AFC though so we don\'t have to see him.

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shadowdrinker 03-20-2005 08:29 PM

Mickey Spagnola...Interview about Darren Howard, and what's

would you be so kind as to tell us what was said...i don\'t have realplayer.
Basically, they were talking about how he could change the scheme of the Defense (Dallas)...and that He would be well worth a 2nd round pick...

I can\'t believe the Saints would even offer that, but apparantly, they did...and somehow, Dallas has not jumped all over it...

I\'m not really sure this is going to turn out so well...IF we end up trading with dallas that is...I think it\'s time we look elsewhere

Euphoria 03-20-2005 08:49 PM

Mickey Spagnola...Interview about Darren Howard, and what's
I seriously don\'t think you are going to find many teams who are going to give up a 1st for him... with the talent that is in the draft this year...

shadowdrinker 03-20-2005 10:48 PM

Mickey Spagnola...Interview about Darren Howard, and what's
We don\'t need many, ..all we need is one...

Surley there is a better offer we could get...

LKelley67 03-20-2005 10:56 PM

Mickey Spagnola...Interview about Darren Howard, and what's
again, if the most proven and talented wide receiver, even with the personality issues, fetches a 1st and a journeyman lb then realistically understand what a good de that has played in 21 games the past two seasons will get. alexander and james can\'t even get a 2nd right now. think of the other team\'s perspective: darren howard going on 29, $15mil signing bonus, and commitment to age 35 or 36 or a marcus spears-dan cody-shawne merriman type in their early 20\'s for a $5-7mil bonus spread over a few years and salary of a million or less?

shadowdrinker 03-20-2005 11:35 PM

Mickey Spagnola...Interview about Darren Howard, and what's
I\'m not saying Howard should net a first...

But, He should net a second and a decent player

Or a third and a real quality guy...

He is at least worth that...

LKelley67 03-20-2005 11:54 PM

Mickey Spagnola...Interview about Darren Howard, and what's
still more than what indy or seattle are asking for james or alexander. tough for me to see him past them.

IRVING, Texas - Whatever work the Cowboys might do over the next week on the trade for Saints defensive end Darren Howard will take place in Maui.

That\'s where the Cowboys front office and head coach will be through March 23 for the NFL Annual Meetings, which begin Sunday.

Hopefully they don\'t mix draft choices, salary-cap millions and Mai Tai\'s.

Chances are, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and executive vice president Stephen Jones will have ample opportunity to hook up with the Saints brass to further discuss this possible trade, which has the Cowboys trying to acquire that pressure defensive player they can\'t seem to find up front while not giving away an arm and a leg in resources (draft choices and personnel).

The apparent hang-up on the Darren Howard trade appears to be compensation to New Orleans. The Cowboys have a good idea of how much Howard needs to be paid and how to possibly structure the deal, but have not come to grips with whatever the Saints are asking for. Wonder if the Cowboys are trying to peddle a pick for 2006 so as not to disrupt their draft plans in April or their ability to move up or down in that first round?
Please tell me that the Cowboys are not going to \"peddle\" one of their first-round picks this year for Saints defensive end Darren Howard. He is a good player; however, with the depth of talent available in this year\'s draft to improve areas of need in the early rounds, then is the No. 11 pick or No. 20 worth Darren Howard given what talent could be had at that point in time? I could though see Dallas\' second-round pick or even next year\'s first on a player that would solidify the defensive front across the trenches. What do you think?

Mickey: I\'m with you on that, and I think the Cowboys are, too. Problem seems to be - surprise, surprise - the Saints. They obviously think Howard is worth more than a second and maybe more than just next year\'s first. Not until they really get into a cap crunch having to handle Howard\'s $7.8 million charge might they come off whatever they are demanding at this point. Having those two first-round picks is so valuable, and really, having the second is critical to your ability to possibly move around in the first. But I\'d guess if the Cowboys had to part with the second then they would try to trade down with one of the first-rounders to pick up another second.

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shadowdrinker 03-21-2005 02:02 AM

Mickey Spagnola...Interview about Darren Howard, and what's
If it was up to me, and Dallas offered next years first...I would probably be all over it...

It would free up serious cap room, give us a chance to resign our best players...and still leave us in great shape next year...

Howard is a damn good player...and both teams know it...

It\'s kinda hard to play hardball with a guy with 2 first round picks though..He has options...

I\'m really getting nervous about the whole thing...

LKelley67 03-21-2005 07:07 AM

Mickey Spagnola...Interview about Darren Howard, and what's
i am not nervous about it cuz as much as i think it is the right and necessary thing to do i have little faith the front office is gonna use that cap savings to it\'s best use. dole out some for horn, deuce, n bentley. have some leftover and go into the season more dollars under the cap than any other team like last year. i am an advocate of rigid cap management but there are windows of opportunity for a few years when a team has to be pushing all out for now (not spending recklessly). smith was a solid signing but another impact player of that caliber at least at lb would have made a strong statement that 32-32 doesnt cut it. the money saved from moving howard could have flashed the cash to get in the hartwell bidding. getting dat would be big but we\'ll have to see if that can happen.

generally a pick for the next season is worth one more round up than one for this season (2004 3rd rd to wash. for their 2nd this year). so dallas\' 1st next year is generally valued as their 2nd this draft. also, i think they will improve, so the 1st next year might be much lower on the board. so not something to snap at (vs. 2005 2nd) but a 1st and a 3rd would be sweet. this strikes me as something they would want to do strongly too. it seems the push IS on for this season in big d. i dont think parcells is thinking any 5 year plan. LOL

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