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LKelley67 03-21-2005 08:06 AM

Close Shave For Some Saints
now here is some real insider info i picked up off a board:

A place called COOPS! Off Airline HWY, right next to the Mc Donalds.
The barber shop is kinda behind the cut it's a nice hidden spot for them to not be bothered, i was in there because i was in town for last weekend for my sister's birthday and my Cousin own's that barber shop so i was getting my hair cut there for years..
I walked in and saw Several Players in there reading paper and chatting with everyone like it was family, we all discussed Duece contract and Haslett and i mentioned getting rid of Venturi and they did not reply lol.
They said the duece deal will come together they have no doubt about it.
One idiot asked them how many times they were gonna lose against ATL.. we got in a little dispute saying they bearly beat the saints the first time with a healthy VICK and they beat them the second time even though it was without VICK it was still a hard game.
Well thought i should share that with ya'll, if ya'll wanna chat with some players or meet them, go on friday's or saturday's, as far as i know thats the only time i seen them in there.

One strange thing was, i seem to be the only Saints fan in the shop, the barbers were closet fans and the few people that were in there were fans of either other teams or not a football fan.

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