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bignic26 03-21-2005 08:12 PM

Sully Is Key...
Do any of you guys really know what the hell happened to Johnathan Sullivan? I remember when he was coming out I thought he was a solid prospect. I had him graded pretty good, he was around 6th on my DT list and a solid overall B prospect. I had him projected to go mid to late first or early second at the latest.

Like everyone else it blew my mind when the Saints traded up so high and picked...him. My mind was blown for two reasons, 1. I thought they jumped for Trufant, it seemed pretty obvious. 2. OK so they didn't jump for Trufant, then why the hell did they jump for this guy?. I had K. Williams ranked #3 on my DT list and a solid A- overall. Why didn't they pick him?

I realize they liked the guy and pulled the trigger to make sure they could get him, but come on, was the guy that great in college? They went up and got him like he was a four time all american or something. It's true, he had a nice skill set but did it project to be that much better than K.Williams? Long story short, it was a bad pick.

Now we're stuck with this bum and unless one of us can time travel it's not going to change. We all know how bad he has sucked so far, that's been established. What I want to talk about is the guy's future.

I've heard he's lost weight. I've heard he's coming in focused. Yada, Yada, Yada. But will any of that even matter? We don't even know what level of play this guy can reach. He may never get any better. He may go to the pro bowl every year until he retires. We don't have a clue. What if this guy comes in this year and starts playing like that first round draft pick? He would have a major impact on our defense! Alot of people have forgot about and/or gave up on him, but if he takes his game to another level...bad things man...bad things...

LKelley67 03-21-2005 08:40 PM

Sully Is Key...
that move alone would have required someone\'s head imo. it isnt just one of the worst 1st rounders in saints history but in the whole nfl. information is shared so commonly and boards are so close that you won\'t find 1st rd abberations like this unless someone is really off. he could have still been on the board at the picks they traded!

i\'m hoping that the recent jive on him has some substance. just making the active roster to begin with, maybe play some, and at this point just being serviceable to plug the hole with his big fat ass would be progress. it will be bucking the odds for it to happen though. i am sure they sincerely want him to come around more than we do. if the middle of the line can be run through anywhere near like last year haz and/or loomis\' head should roll.

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