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saintswhodi 03-22-2005 11:47 AM

Now this is sad.

Noone wanted our FAs so we got no compensatory picks. I guess we ought to be glad we got to keep Gleason, and Hodge and noone else wanted them. :(

saintswhodi 03-22-2005 11:49 AM

Now this is sad.
This is the saddest part:


Dallas -- 25
Green Bay -- 22
Philadelphia -- 21
Buffalo -- 20
St. Louis -- 18
Baltimore -- 16
NY Giants -- 15
Arizona -- 14
Jacksonville -- 14
Tennessee -- 14
New England -- 13
Pittsburgh -- 13
Minnesota -- 12
Detroit -- 11
Kansas City -- 11
Miami -- 11
San Francisco -- 11
Seattle -- 11
Tampa Bay -- 11
Chicago -- 10

We haven\'t even gotten 10 in 12 years.

yasoon 03-22-2005 12:03 PM

Now this is sad.
I must not understand the formula.

It seems like Baltimore has upgraded their club significantly in FA and yet they get compensatory picks. I can see it for a team like the Titans.

saintswhodi 03-22-2005 12:05 PM

Now this is sad.
The picks are awarded from the previous year\'s losses, that\'s why you see Kearse and such. By us sucking Hodge and Gleason back up, this means next year we won\'t get any again. I don\'t know if Tesucky counts, but we got Smith so....

yasoon 03-22-2005 12:08 PM

Now this is sad.
Does it matter that Jones was released or is it just the fact that he is no longer with the team? Or are you saying Smith offsets it so it\'s a wash?
Whatever it is, I\'m fairly sure it will work against the Saints.

saintswhodi 03-22-2005 12:14 PM

Now this is sad.
I think ti will be a wash cause we got Smith, which is the scenario that would screw the Saints over.

LKelley67 03-22-2005 07:07 PM

Now this is sad.
The Patriots added three more picks to the six they already carried into the April 23-24 NFL Draft.

The league awarded New England compensatory picks at the end of the third round (100th overall), the fifth round (170th overall) and the seventh round (255th overall). The picks are awarded each March at the owners\' meetings based on a formula accounting for cumulative free agent losses from the previous year. The Patriots lost defensive linemen Ted Washington and Bobby Hamilton and offensive linemen Damien Woody and Mike Compton last offseason while signing defensive lineman Keith Traylor.

New England currently has nine picks in the upcoming draft, one each in the first, second, third and fourth rounds, two in the fifth, one in the sixth and two more in the seventh round. The compensatory picks cannot be traded.

New England traded its other third round pick to the Arizona Cardinals for cornerback Duane Starks. The third round compensatory pick comes only five draft spots after the Patriots were scheduled to pick with their original third rounder, which fell 32nd in the round.

FrenzyFan 03-23-2005 07:41 AM

Now this is sad.

That\'s a real interesting piece of data. While I don\'t know the formula for how to calculate the number of Comp picks given a team, I would venture the idea that our \"timid\" conduct in FA contributes to this. The Saints\' seeming willingness to stick with a mediocre player rather than take a chance on someone new.

baronm 03-23-2005 02:50 PM

Now this is sad.

Noone wanted our FAs so we got no compensatory picks. I guess we ought to be glad we got to keep Gleason, and Hodge and noone else wanted them. :(
sucks doesn\'t it..but does it mean noone wants are players or that we don\'t really want to upgrade...six of one half dozen of the other..but I was/am really hoping we purge our linebackers..get another starter..move allen to backup. and get a qualiy backup MLB or get a starting mlb, move watson outside...

my questions are:

1. is watson a good MLB?
if no-move him outside where I feel he can flourish with his speed and get a MLB..if yes, get a good backup (McCune, Draft) and focus on upgrading our OLB.
2. can colby start at olb andcontinue to be productive?
IF yes..just replace ALlen, if no..we need two OLB and have two good backups..I think COlby can play we just need one new one and a quality backup MLB...maybe Blaystock o r Burnett in the second or if johnson keeps falling move up alittle?

then focus on the rest of our needs.

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