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baronm 03-22-2005 05:48 PM

justin tuck

Strengths: Excellent natural athletic ability...Tall and lanky...Explosive speed and quickness...Was very productive and a sack artist...Has a lot of experience against top competition...Is unblockable at times...Getting better every season.
Weaknesses: Undersized...Needs to continue to get bigger and stronger... Improving but still not a force against the run...Needs to show more discipline...Has to continue working on his technique...A possible 'tweener who could project to OLB in the pros, especially in a 3-4 scheme. Notes: Notre Dame's all-time leader in sacks...Cousin of Adalius Thomas of the Baltimore Ravens... Has made major strides as an all-around player the last couple of years.
- Scott Wright

spkb25 03-22-2005 06:25 PM

justin tuck
being an ND fan i like the kid. he can play. dont know how he will be in the nfl but was huge for ND last year. seems very fast

LKelley67 03-22-2005 06:43 PM

justin tuck
i might have posted before but i think he is the number one pick as ugliest head this year.

baronm 03-22-2005 08:01 PM

justin tuck
yeah, but can he play olb?

rAge 03-22-2005 09:02 PM

justin tuck
He\'s a 4-3 DE, end of story.

bignic26 03-22-2005 09:06 PM

justin tuck
LKelley speaking of ugly heads, have you ever looked at Courtney Watson\'s head on the Saints\' official website. Oh my God, he looks like an alien. Maybe it\'s a ND thing.

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