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WhoDat 02-03-2003 08:40 AM

Interesting idea
I had an interesting idea over the weekend and thought I would throw it out... keep in mind that this is totally speculation, I've got nothing to back any of this up.

What are the odds that Emmitt Smith could be a Saint next year?

Think about this scenario... Parcels takes over in Dallas and has to begin feverishly rebuilding. You don't do that with a runningback at the end of his career. Smith is released by the cowboys and goes looking for a job as the number 1 guy. But like Chris Carter this past year he quickly finds that teams don't want to sign guys in their late 30's to new contracts at specialty positions. I mean seriously, teams that need runningbacks will look for younger guys who can be around for the long run.

So ES considers retirement rather than be a backup. However, since New Orleans is fairly close to his home in Dallas, b/c Haslett can convince him that NO can be a contender next year, and b/c all of the teams focus is on defense, ES signs a one year deal to back up McAllister. The Saints get a very high quality backup for Deuce while they groom Keaton or someone else to be a backup, and Smith stays in the league on a team that has a shot at another ring for him. Why not? Who knows if this is even remotely possible... probably not, but it's a fun idea.

saintz08 02-03-2003 09:04 AM

Interesting idea
I like it .

But most likely , Jerry Jones will slip him a few Bucks under the table to go silently into the night and do him and his career and the star the honor .

I wonder how the Cowboy fans are going to like old Giants playin on their team ??? Are there any left ??

saintfan 02-03-2003 02:34 PM

Interesting idea
The whole town of Dallas has caught a nut over Billy Parcells. I wonder if anyone is aware of the fact that he hasn\'t done squat when Billecheck (spelled wrong I\'m sure) wasn\'t on his coaching staff.

I LOVE that idea Whodat, but I\'m not so sure Emmit won\'t be back here in Dallas next year. No one here in Dallas is saying anything about it, but the general \"feeling\" seems to be they\'ll have Emmit back with a Star on his Jersey for at least next year. Nobody up here has any faith in Hambrick.

JOESAM2002 02-03-2003 06:13 PM

Interesting idea
Good idea Whodat. If nothing else he would provide the leadership this team so desperatly needs. I\'m not sure however that the Cowboys will not sign him or if they didn\'t, if our owner would pay him what he\'s worth.

billyh1026 02-03-2003 08:46 PM

Interesting idea
Good idea. Won\'t happen. I think they learned with the Brian Cox experiment. Experience is great. At the end of a career is bad.

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