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Danno 03-25-2005 02:35 PM

Who's definitely left at 16?
After reviewing several mocks, i think its no doubt these guyswill be gone when we pick...
1. Alex Smith
2. Aaron Rodgers
3. Carnel Williams
4. Ronie Brown
5 Cedrick Benson
6. Derrick Johnson
7. Braylon Edwards
8. Mike Williams
9. Adam Jones
10. Antrell Rolle
11. Alex Barron

That leaves several players I'd be happy with at 16.
Travis Johnson DT
Jammal Brown OT
Carlos Rogers CB
Thomas Davis WLB AND SS
Anttaj Hawthorne DT
Trade Down

Yep, I got it all figgerd out.

Saint_LB 03-25-2005 02:43 PM

Who's definitely left at 16?
What about Matt Jones, Danno. How high do you think he will go and do you think he would be a good prospect for the Saints?

baronm 03-25-2005 02:45 PM

Who's definitely left at 16?
I\"m very concerned about davis\' instincts after several articles ahve been written..BUT..a lot of people say he is a play maker.

Also, OLB / S Thomas Davis improved on his poor 4.60 timing at the Combine by running a 4.45

Strengths: Was a safety in a linebackers body as a junior...Very strong, tough and physical...Excellent athlete...Great size...Has great range...A force in run support...Great instincts...Good tackler...Very productive...Has a lot of upside.
Weaknesses: Raw and still developing...Has only average speed but it is good for his size...Doesn\'t have a lot of experience at safety and may be best suited for linebacker in the pros...May be a bit of a S / OLB \'tweener.
Notes: Has the potential to be great and hasn\'t even begun to reach it yet...Could project to either safety or linebacker at the next level depending on the team and defensive scheme.

Thomas Davis has bounced around between safety and linebacker at Georgia, but he’s been a playmaker no matter where he lines up. As a sophomore, Davis had a huge season. He ended the season with 138 tackles, 8 for loss, and 4.5 sacks. He was named to various All-American teams for that season. He didn’t put up numbers quite as big as a junior, but he still was a force in the secondary with 73 tackles, 2 for loss, 1 sack, and 1 interception.
You don’t generally find too many players that can bounce from linebacker to free safety, but Davis has that type of versatility. He has the size and strength to line up in the front 7 and be a force, but the athleticism to play deep in coverage. He is very aggressive and physical when attacking the line of scrimmage.

Even though he has played free safety in college, Davis projects to strong safety in the NFL. He doesn’t have the pure foot speed to play free safety. Other than that, experience is really all he lacks. Since he’s spent so much time switching from linebacker to safety, he hasn’t had the time at one spot to fully understand one position.

Thomas Davis is an awesome safety prospect . He looks a lot like Roy Williams physically, and he could have that type of impact in the league with the right coaching to teach him the safety position. If Davis declares, he will be the first safety selected, and is a first round lock. Good workouts should propel him into the Top 20. For a safety to be considered in the Top 20, he has to be special, and Davis has an excellent chance to be taken that high this year.

rogers and brown wouldn\'t be bad pickups at all..but I\'M JUST thinking that several cbs later will be just as good.


Jammal Brown has lead a talented offensive line that has cleared the way for some talented rushing attacks . Brown was a big part of Quentin Griffin’s 1,880+ yard season two years ago, and this season’s freshman sensation, Adrian Peterson’s coming out party. During his junior season, he only allowed one sack all year in the passing game.

Jammal Brown is a talented, all around tackle. Oklahoma has a balanced offense, and it has allowed him to develop himself in both run and pass blocking. As a pass blocker, he shows good agility, and has long arms to keep the defender away from his chest. Physically, Brown is a very good athlete, with very good lateral agility. His long arms allow him to keep the defender off his chest. Brown plays right tackle, but his athletic skills should allow him to move over to the left side in the NFL.

While Brown is a good all around tackle, run blocking is an area he can work on. He needs to get stronger and more physical in this aspect . He can run block, but he doesn’t play with a great deal of power and doesn\'t dominates at the point. There is the ongoing question of if he can play left tackle in the NFL as well. Since he’s played RT for his entire career, it brings about the question of how well he would translate to the other side.

I think Brown is a very good offensive tackle prospect. I think he is a safer pick than Alex Barron, but doesn\'t have the upside Barron has. He looks solid as a first round pick, just how high will depend on how well he performs on the workout circuit. I think he is better suited to play LT in the NFL than RT, but he brings the versatility to play both sides, and that adds to his value.

Strengths: Is very athletic...Has long arms...Agile with quick feet and moves well...Does an excellent job in pass protection...Has a lot of experience...May be able to play left tackle in the pros...Can still improve.
Weaknesses: Not as big or strong as you would like...Not a dominator in the running game...Not all that tough or physical...Lacks a killer instinct and doesn\'t finish his blocks...Needs to show a better work ethic.
Notes: Won the Outland Trophy as a senior...The best player on one of the best offensive lines in the nation...May be the best all around tackle in the draft but doesn\'t have the upside that Alex Barron does...Could come off the board early with tackle being such an in-demand position.
I/m starting to warm up to the idea of being ok with any of those three guys. Davis at SS taking bellamy\'s role inside the box and loetting the old man play third safety.

OT depth or cb depth would be next.

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D-buck47 03-25-2005 03:14 PM

Who's definitely left at 16?
Matt Jones is projected by most as a late second/early third round pick

saintswhodi 03-25-2005 03:18 PM

Who's definitely left at 16?
Last I heard Jones was projected in the 4th, and teams were trying to see if he could beef up to play TE.

baronm 03-25-2005 03:21 PM

Who's definitely left at 16?
problem we have is the chiefs picking right ahead of us. and they need defense in the worst way.

Danno 03-25-2005 03:24 PM

Who's definitely left at 16?

What about Matt Jones, Danno. How high do you think he will go and do you think he would be a good prospect for the Saints?
That guy is a freak. Wow. I\'d be tempted but I think he\'d need quite a bit of quality coaching to make the switch to WR/TE and actually be better than what we have right now.

Quality coaching doesn\'t exactly describe our lovable group of misfits. But if he goes to the right team he can be a very dangerous weapon.

Another Slash?

D-buck47 03-25-2005 03:25 PM

Who's definitely left at 16?
Of the 3 sites I\'ve seen 2 have him going to Pittsburg in the end of the 2nd. He projects as a TE or WR at 6\'6\", 244 and running a 4.4 wow. Why not take a shot in the third? Plus, he played QB in college, which makes him great when you run trick plays, ala Hines Ward and Randall El

baronm 03-25-2005 03:29 PM

Who's definitely left at 16?

Quality coaching doesn\'t exactly describe our lovable group of misfits
see that\'s what worries me about most of the guys who will be there when we pick...can bellamy teach davis how to play linebacker? cause our coaches sure can\'t.

saintswhodi 03-25-2005 03:34 PM

Who's definitely left at 16?
Gotcha D-buck. Just saying last I read they had him in the 4th. Your info must be more current.

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