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BreesFN9 03-26-2005 02:37 PM

Saints contact Vikings?
Heres a link from FFMastermind on the Saints contacting MINN about a Howard trade:

The only thing the Vikes have an abundance of is Running Backs? I heard they've been trying to deal Bennett. What about Hovan, I heard he wasn't on good terms with Tice?

Any thoughts?

P.S I hope he doesn't go to the VIKES! :mad:

WhoDat 03-26-2005 05:17 PM

Saints contact Vikings?
Hovan = poo.

Of the RBs they have, believe it or not, I\'d take Mwlede Moore. He had a great career at Tulane and has the skills to be a starter in the NFL... lot\'s of upside and he\'s still relatively unknown outside of LA - that means cheap. Howard for a RB is a bad idea though, IMO.

spkb25 03-26-2005 05:44 PM

Saints contact Vikings?
i\'d like to just get a decebt draft pick

LKelley67 03-26-2005 06:39 PM

Saints contact Vikings?
the more in the bidding the merrier for the saints.

i\'d take their #18 and even offer to switch #40 for their #49.

ps/ i think the vikes are the most improved looking team in the league. they are serious about improving their d and instilling a hard nosed team approach rather than the high flying offense/no defense of the past few years. don\'t be surprised to see them take anothe d guy at #7 like derrick johnson if there, then use #18 for another wr.

shadowdrinker 03-26-2005 07:10 PM

Saints contact Vikings?
I agree LKelly, on paper they look like a potential top 10 kind of D..but, like Washington, sometimes it just doesn\'t happen..

I really don\'t think the Vikes can throw down any real serious offers...They might be just trying to see how desperate we are, and hoping they can possibly get Howard for a pick only, maybe even a high one next year...

They\'re not going to come off any LB\'s, not any that would matter anyway..they are trying to build a Defense too..

I am boggled frankly..for 1, why didn\'t the Saints try harder earlier to get this deal done, ang get Howard traded early...before teams address thier DE needs...because now, alot of potential teams, have filled that slot..

2 Why haven\'t more teams expressed real interest in howard...bottom line..he is a top talent in his position, and he\'s still young...

Maybe slapping that Franchise tag really hurt us more than we could have imagined...

[Edited on 27/3/2005 by shadowdrinker]

spkb25 03-26-2005 09:22 PM

Saints contact Vikings?
no argument here on the vikings looking much improved. never mind their two first rounders. for all of the bs criticism they have received i dont get it. i think they got what they needed for moss and with their other signings because of the money that has been freed up as a result i think as a whole they are a better team. i never thought recently with moss that they would be able to win the super bowl anyway. i think now their headed in the right direction.

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