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GumboBC 03-27-2005 11:45 AM

A truthful look at our WRs
The Saints’ receivers are often referred to, by the media and fans, as one of the most talented groups in the NFL. But, I think that’s more wishful thinking than anything else.

While I believe Joe Horn is a very capable number one receiver that produces year in and year out, I also believe he lacks the ability some number one receivers possess.

Then, after Joe Horn, you’ve got Donte’ Stallworth. Stallworth has shown great ability to excel after he catches the ball. But, at the same time, he has really lacked the ability to get open on a consistent basis and he’s lacked the ability to hold on to the ball. And then of course his injuries have really affected his progress.

That leaves WR Jerome Pathon. Pathon has been serviceable but has never been anything other than a 3rd receiver since being drafted by the Colts.

I think some fans get caught up thinking about how our receivers would look in the Colts’ offense with Peyton Manning throwing the passes. I suppose that’s fun to think about but the truth is there’s only one Peyton Manning and we really don’t know how any of our receivers would look no matter who the QB is.

Maybe we do have an elite group of receivers, but they sure haven’t shown it over the years. That is .. nobody but Joe Horn. I’ve got to think that if Joe Horn can manage to stand out in this offense that there is no excuse for the other receivers.

Let’s hope this year someone other than Joe Horn can stand out in the offense!

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JKool 03-27-2005 12:35 PM

A truthful look at our WRs
I think Donte is ready to have a break out year. Here are some things that indicat that:

1. Stayed healthy all last season.
2. The only time his hands looked particularly questionable to me was on the slant and short routes where Brooks gunned it.
3. Standard 3-4 year learning curve for NFL WRs. Donte will now be hitting full stride if you buy this conventional wisdom.
4. Improved OLine should give Brooks a couple of extra miliseconds to deliver deeper passes - which can only help a burner like Stallworth.

BreesFN9 03-27-2005 12:42 PM

A truthful look at our WRs
Ok. Fair enough. Having said that, this year I think Stallworth will step up and be that solid #2. Depending on how many passes he gets he could be close with Horn. Some are going to say WHAT!!! How could you say that. Well last year Donte had his best year so far, and played in 16 games. He finished 2nd in the team with 767 yds and 5 td\'s. Horn had another stellar year and the TD\'s Really do seperate the 2. With Donte moving up to the #2 spot, it\'ll automatically get more passes thrown his way, and if the Saints gameplan for this year is true:

OFFENSIVE ADJUSTMENTS: The Saints want to be a more run-oriented, ball-control offense this season. To that end, new coordinator Mike Sheppard is reducing the volume of plays in the playbook. The goal is improved efficiency. The Saints have been hounded by mental errors and penalties in recent seasons. Head coach Jim Haslett believes the scaled-down playbook will help prevent future breakdowns. He also wants to improve time of possession by running the ball more often, compliemented by a short play-action passing attack. The passing game will feature more high-percentage throws with an emphasis on short drops and quick strikes to prevent sacks and take advantage of the running skills of receivers Joe Horn, Donte\' Stallworth and Devery Henderson.

This is obviously to take advantage of our receivers and their abilities after the catch which should favor Stallworth. If he\'s doing more with the ball after he\'s catching it, as he\'s capable, then he\'ll be the one getting more passes. In the end I think he\'ll up his stats from last year to the full schedule played, 850-950 yds, and 8-10 td\'s. This will help balance our attack along with the addition of Mcallister scoring more as well. Not sure what to excpect from our 3rd receivers, being Gardner or Henderson. I think we\'ll work them in slowly and pass more to our TE\'s.

saintswhodi 03-27-2005 12:47 PM

A truthful look at our WRs
This is interesting. Would our receivers look better without a lock-on QB who also has no idea about touch passes or getting the ball to a player in stride? Maybe. Probably. Yes. What about a QB who doeasn\'t lead the player into a highlight reel hit for a defender? Yeah, I think so. Blame the receivers if we like, but the guy who is attempting to get them the ball ain\'t nothing to brag on at all.

jnormand 03-27-2005 12:51 PM

A truthful look at our WRs
I think Stallworth played pretty good last season. Obviously still not up to the potential he has, but he seems to be improving and becoming more of a reliable reciever. He is getting open more. I think Stallworth will be a great #1 receiver one day. He can have a huge impact on the game when he comes through. Here\'s a question though. If the Saints go back to a rushing offense and if Horn shows up like he did last year, he will probably get most of the catches, right? Under these stipulations what kind of stats would be acceptable (to you guys) from Stallworth?

shadowdrinker 03-27-2005 12:52 PM

A truthful look at our WRs
I thought Pathon was released....???

jnormand 03-27-2005 12:54 PM

A truthful look at our WRs
He was. Shadow, what kind of production do you think Stallworth should have this year?

CHACHING 03-27-2005 01:09 PM

A truthful look at our WRs
I also think Donte will have a breakout season just based on what I saw in the Oakland game......dude was burnin\' DB\'s left and right but as someone said earlier AB was \"locked\" on one rec. If Stall is healthy all year, look for him to catch if not pass Horn.....
Don\'t get me wrong..I LOVE JOE HORN...but I think Donte is the truth.....<ching>

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jnormand 03-27-2005 01:16 PM

A truthful look at our WRs
He wasn\'t locked on one receiever....he just wasn\'t aware that there was anyone else on the field to throw to. But seriously, Stallworth is due.

JKool 03-27-2005 01:19 PM

A truthful look at our WRs
Any WR is going to look better with a better QB.

An acceptable year from Stallworth, given Horn, Brooks, and a more consistent running attack: 55 catches, 6 TDs, 750 yards. A great season, given those things: 65 catches, 8 TDs, 925 yards.

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