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SaintSnide 03-27-2005 08:00 PM

Thomas Davis in the first. I think I'm in.
I have debated with myself on this for a while. I agree we need help at LB but think it should have come from free agency (a vet) not the draft (a rook, to start). Yes I would love DJ also but I wouldnt give up picks to get him. So we are at the # 16 pick and T Davis is there.

At first I didnt really want him because I didnt think we really needed to add another young guy to the LB mix (Watson and Colby only in second year I think they would have benifited more from a proven LB)And I thought we could use a young guy in the secondary(CB) or O-line, but the CB's I'd like would prolly be gone and I think T Davis will benifit us more than the second or third best tackle. So I was thinking he should play SS.

They say he is a tweener. I say he is faster and stronger than Bellamy(love his heart though). Let him stack the box. That is practically like a 4th LB and he should be able to help greatly in the run game. And i think he will learn the pasing game and he will have help form MM, FB and DS.

So take shots let me know if im alone on this or not.

LKelley67 03-27-2005 08:21 PM

Thomas Davis in the first. I think I'm in.
welcome aboard snide.

i personally think davis seems to be a decent enought pick here. we have gotten word that the saints fo has him pegged as a 2nd rounder though. so i have written him off. no way he\'ll go in the 2nd imo, 20th-25th at the latest. no surprise if he is gone by #16 either.

baronm 03-28-2005 07:06 AM

Thomas Davis in the first. I think I'm in.
the biggest thing that scares me about him is how good the players around him were (thurman, pollack to name two)....the second thing that scares me about him is his lack of pass recognition skills.

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