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baronm 03-28-2005 09:50 AM

the OT we should be looking at

College: Syracuse Height: 6-8
Position: Offensive Tackle Weight: 330
Class: Senior 40-Yard: 5.31
Strengths: Tall player with the frame to add weight and get bigger...Has a ton of experience...Has been very durable...Smart play who knows how to use proper technique to his advantage...Good quickness and athletic ability...Works hard and is an intense player.
Weaknesses: Needs to add some weight and get stronger...Doesn't look like a 300-pounder on the field because of his height...Not a dominator in the running game...Still has to be considered somewhat of a project because of his size at this point.
Notes: May be able to handle the left tackle position in the NFL...Has a lot of tools and if he can add some bulk the team that drafts him could have a steal on their hands.
the rap on him is great athlete-needs to add weight..with the problem we've had of players coming in overweight a player that NEEDS to add weight would be a good this guy is a heckuva athlete.

no_cloning 03-28-2005 11:15 AM

the OT we should be looking at
Why don\'t you tell us his name? :lol:
baronm is of course talking about Adam Terry.
6-8 and 330 pounds - no need to add \"bulk\" if you ask me. At the left tackle position I prefer someone with agility to someone with raw power.
It would be more benefitial if he added lower body strength without necessarily getting heavier instead of adding 20 pounds to his belly.

baronm 03-28-2005 11:21 AM

the OT we should be looking at
sorry-adam terry it is..I thought it was on what I cut and pasted.

yeah..that weight gain would have to be muscle and strength..but supposedly this guy is a heckuva athlete...

syrracuse also had a pretty good O-line..esp. when they played auburn...that wasn\'t fun.

spkb25 03-28-2005 05:36 PM

the OT we should be looking at
not a bad guy to get. can devolpe him for a year.

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