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LKelley67 03-29-2005 11:11 AM

Best Left Free Agents
pat kirwan does a good job keeping this updated. ranked at each position-

QB Jeff Blake Doug Flutie *Tim Hasselbeck *J.T. O'Sullivan Kordell Stewart
RB Anthony Thomas *Najeh Davenport Ron Dayne Vernon Hayes Amos Zereoue
FB Robert Holcombe Greg Comella Omar Easy
WR Corey Bradford Ike Hilliard Tai Streets *Randy Hymes Troy Brown
TE Freddie Jones Ken Dilger *Chris Baker Patrick Hape Marcellus Rivers
OT *Kevin Barry Victor Riley Bob Whitfield *Kurt Vollers Marcus Spears
OG Bennie Anderson *Tupe Peko Dan Neil *Eric Heitmann Chris Gray
C Rich Braham Robbie Tobeck *Seth McKinney Brock Gutierrez *Mel Fowler
DE Marques Douglas *Carlos Hall Marco Coleman L Carson
DT Chris Hovan Tony Williams John Parrella Norm Hand Josh Evans
LB Anthony Simmons Tommy Polley Jay Foreman Rob Morris Scott Fujita
S Idrees Bashir Dexter Jackson Eric Brown Shawn Wooden Antuan Edwards
CB Ty Law Andre Dyson Nick Harper *Chris Cash Terrell Buckley

The (*) next to the name indicates the player is restricted and none of these players require giving up a pick higher than a third-round selection.

Bolds are players I wish they would consider getting

baronm 03-29-2005 11:20 AM

Best Left Free Agents

Scott Fujita
YES..please!!! we could get the chiefs best defensive player for a 6th I believe I read somewhere....

FireVenturi 03-29-2005 01:12 PM

Best Left Free Agents
Fijita would be great....lets get er done

baronm 03-29-2005 01:25 PM

Best Left Free Agents

Scott Fujita RFA Chiefs – His play certainly has been a surprise since he was selected in the fifth round three years ago and has been a starter ever since. Fujita, for such a tall and angular player, really can move well on the flanks. He also is good in coverage. He’s one of the better players that most NFL fans don’t know too much about and he has been one of the best defensive players the Chiefs have.
that\'s\'s take on fujita...the only reason I suspect we don\'t go after him is that they want a MLB to move watson over.....but honestly-do you really think you are going to get someone better in the sixth?

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