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baronm 03-30-2005 01:16 PM

Interview with luis castillo

Scott Wright: What is your accurate height, weight and forty time?

Luis Castillo: 6’3, 305, low 4.9; ran a low 4.7 this summer at 285

Scott Wright: All right, you're a Northwestern guy so we have to know what you got on your SAT's?

Luis Castillo: Actually wasn’t anything too special, at least not for a regular student here, 1140

Scott Wright: In high school you were a top wrestler. How does having that in your background help you on the gridiron?

Luis Castillo: Let me put it this way, I’d rather have my son wrestling in grade school rather then playing football. Especially as a lineman, everything I do is based around balance, and a lot of the things I got from pushing people around the matt I’ve translated into pushing my way around a football field.

Scott Wright: What do you feel is your greatest strength as a football player and what area do you feel you need to improve in?

Luis Castillo: I’d say one of my strengths throughout my career has been my ability to first do my job, and to then find the football. I’ve been fortunate enough to make around 250 tackles during my career and a lot of it was just throwing my body into places I expected the ball to be, simply because of feel. On the other hand, I need to become a more efficient pass rusher. I feel I’m athletic enough to run around people, and big enough to go through them, I just need to be able to recognize pass a little sooner, to not waste as much time bulling aimlessly.
Scott Wright: What NFL defensive tackle do you most admire and who do you think you compare favorably to?

Luis Castillo: One of the first guys that comes to mind is Chris Hovan, just a tough guy who goes out and plays hard.

Scott Wright: Who is the best player you have faced during your career?

Luis Castillo: I’m not sure if he was the best player, or if he just got me at the right time as a true sophomore, but Eric Steinbach, along with that entire 2002 Iowa offensive line, did a great job of shutting down opposing lineman.

Scott Wright: Who was your favorite college and pro team growing up? Did you have a favorite player?

Luis Castillo: You know, I never really watched much college football, but I was a huge Cowboys fan as a kid. Big fan of the Jet’s as well, as the only pro player from my high school, Wayne Chrebet, plays there.

Scott Wright: At what point did you realize that you might have a future in football beyond college?

Luis Castillo: I had a rough time of it. I was a starter as a true freshman, and I got manhandled out there at times. But early into my junior year I saw myself making plays and creating opportunities for myself that I knew could someday open some doors for me at the next level.

Scott Wright: What is your greatest football moment to date?

Luis Castillo: I’m going to have to go with the team moment on this one. Beating then undefeated 6th ranked Ohio State in our house after 33 years of losing was a great moment for me, my teammates, and my school

Scott Wright: What do you plan to do once your playing career is over?

Luis Castillo: I have a lot of goals I want to be able to achieve when it’s all said and done. Obviously football is my number one priority right now, but I’d love to become a successful business man when the opportunity presents itself.

Scott Wright: Is there one player on the team that you see developing into a star, either at the college or pro level?

Luis Castillo: There’s definitely more then one. I’m sure you guys of heard of the Tim Mcgargile’s and the Loren Howard’s, but a guy I can guarantee will not only be a great college but a great pro players as well, is Nick Roach. The kid is an unbelievable athlete, and once he bulks up a bit, being that he’s only a sophomore, he’s going to be flying up the charts.

Scott Wright: Do you plan to play in any post season All-Star games and if so which ones?

Luis Castillo: I was invited to play in the Senior Bowl, a great honor, and a great game. Unfortunately, because the elbow injury I suffered earlier this year, not exactly sure if I’ll be able to play.

Scott Wright: Do you have a gameplan yet in terms of how you will prepare for the Draft in the next few months?

Luis Castillo: The way I see it, it doesn’t really matter where you go, or who your training with. As long as your going full speed and pushing yourself to the limit your going to get to the right place by the time the draft, and more importantly, the season, comes around.

Scott Wright: Obviously it is still very early, but do you have any goals in mind when it comes to the NFL Draft (Round 1, Round 2, etc.)?

Luis Castillo: I’d love to say I’m going to be a first rounder. However, there’s some good players coming out this year, some in my own conference, so I’m just going let that take care of itself. My dream has always been to simply get an opportunity to show what I can do, and from the looks of it, I’m going to get that chance, whatever round it may be in.

Scott Wright: Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions and good luck!

Luis Castillo: Thank you.

FireVenturi 03-30-2005 02:34 PM

Interview with luis castillo
2nd or third rdr???

baronm 03-30-2005 02:37 PM

Interview with luis castillo
I\'m thinking he\'ll go in the second..

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